Agonist patches

My first post and hope someone out there can help please. My first course of medical treatment since being diagnosed last year is agonist patches. Although I follow the instructions to the letter, the patches keep falling off which of course I don't notice til later. Any tips? Thanks
Ask for something else?

There are many Agonists out there so if one doesn't suit you then try another.

I tried the Neupro patches (rotigotine), mirapexin and requip, eventually deciding on a low dose of Requip and Azilect, which works for me.

Good luck

Thanks for your reply, Caroline. It hadn't occurred to me there are more than one type of agonist patches or that I could ask to try different ones. I'm not sure how much I can expect or should expect from them. At least the patches have stopped me being completely shattered by 5pm! I'm grateful for that.

Eowyn x x
I have the same problem so I just put a strip of micro pore tape at the top and bottom of patches to keep them in place. Worth a try:-) cazlee
Hello all , I have used Neupro patches since October 4mg , I find they stick better to warm skin so put them on while still in bed , if this doesn't work for you ask you gp to prescribe Mepore Ultra plasters to stick over the top you will need to know size mine are 7x8cm for 4mg neupro, I can shower & swim they don't come off.
I thought there was only nepro in patch form! what are the others?
Stay warm Marie
Many thanks for all the advice. Was pleased I not the only one who has the problem. I asked Parkinson Nurse if it was a common difficulty but it was only after my app't, I realised she didn't actually answer that question.