Hi there,

I'm a recently diagnosed, 27 year old from Bolton.

Just thought I'd introduce myself.

So, hello.
Hi there! I'm 57 and 5 years in to my PD journey. So far it's not been as bad as I feared at first; I'm still getting on with life pretty much as before nad finding ways round the limitations PD puts up from time to time!!!
Lots of good people here and advice on all sorts!
Hi kjimn...

Good to meet you.. I can give you a few years (now 66)... but please be assured whatever your age, whatever stage you're at with PD, you honestly couldn't come to a better place.

I was diagnosed a year ago... but you know that feeling, I'm sure, when you know things haven't been right for a while.. At first I was almost euphoric 'cos I'd found out there was something wrong and what the problem was - 24 hours later, emotions completely at the other end of the spectrum!!.. Took a while to get my head round, and to stop questioning every little twinge, ache, etc.. but "visiting" the Forum I found, as you will, you mustn't fret in silence (I think I could qualify for a degree in fretting!)- BUT...come on here and 'tell it as it is', and you will find so much support.. so much empathy... and so much positive encouragement - You will honestly find you're not alone... you're amongst friends... and with all we share you will feel a lot better and positive..

Perhaps not the best start of 2012 for you (I felt similarly last year) but here I am a year later and nothings fallen off... and I feel privileged to be just a little part of this great group of people.... Warmest wishes... Bursardavid.
HI kjmn - Greetings from the West Midlands :grin: I too am a bit older at 54yrs diagnosed 4yrs ago and also can say so far not as bad as I thought, keeping happy and fit helps physically and psychologically :exclamation:. Welcome to the forum and best wishes for 2012!
Hi kjimn

Welcome. I too am from Bolton and was diagnosed last year at 29.

I am gradually finding my way with things, like coming to terms with PD and meds.

Very supportive on here!

Hi kjimn

I was diagnosed in Novemeber last year at the age of 42. A few years older than you but the people on the forum are great for any advice.Like a lot of the folks I am still coming to terms with things and trying to get my meds sorted. Keep positive Kjimn and you will get there like the rest of us Good Luck.

Hello kjimn and a very warm welcome from Merseyside. I too am more that a few years older than your good self and I have been diagnosed for about 11 years now and I think Ive still got all my bits thank you, nothings fallen off!!!

I'm sure that you will benefit from the forum, you will find lots of support and advice from some who have a longer history and lots of experience in PD. If you have any questions just ask and there is usually somebody that can offer an answer or advice and I guess that as newly dx you will have plenty of those?

I hope to see you around the forum

ahoy there to yourself:wink:welcome to puk,im ali,been dx for 11 years,im 42 years old:smile:this is a good forum for surport and good place to make nice freinds:smile:as you can see the community and forum is movin on ,forward 2012 is our year:smile:hope to see you around the forum xx