AI DeepMind research free online

AI firm DeepMind puts database of the building blocks of life online

AlphaFold program’s prediction of nearly 20,000 human protein structures now free for researchers

I heard this on The Today programme this morning and thought it sounded amazing. I have read about the ‘folding’ of proteins and alpa synuclein (sorry if spelling is wrong) and the problems folding causes. Is this a REAL opportunity (and from a British arm of a Google company) for our or other PD researchers to use this information? There is much that can be googled on this subject today.

The news about DeepMind releasing the AlphaFold database is genuinely groundbreaking!

The fact that this is coming from a British arm of Google showcases the innovative strides being made in the field. It opens up a real opportunity for researchers, possibly including those focused on PD, to delve deeper into their studies with this valuable resource at their fingertips.

It’s fascinating to see how AI, like what DeepMind is doing, not only advances scientific research but also how similar technologies are being integrated into everyday business tools. An AI assistant for business, for instance, is revolutionizing how we manage tasks and interact with customers, much like AlphaFold is set to revolutionize biological research.