Aids and helping hands

I am having a few issues with the practicalities of life…I have corner bath, and as much as it’s a dream to use, cleaning is problematic! Cleaning the far side of the bath is impossible for me now. As i would have to lean fully across it. Do not worry i am not bathing in a dirty bath, I have dear friend who helps with it. Ha
But Im still hanging on to my independence with gritted teeth! Has any one any ideas how i can do this safely?

I also wanted to tell anyone of a gadget I found the other day , Homemaid Ring Pull opener!!
I cant use anything with a ring pull top, due the Arthritis in my fingers. But this little device is fantastic and only £2,00.
Hope this helps someone else
Esme x

Might this do Esme?

Thank you Tot. I did buy something similar , and sooooo much easier.
Esme x

Brilliant I’ll bet you never thought that being able to clean your bath would be viewed as quite such a success - one in the eye for old Parkie I think!