Aids eg walking sticks, grab handles etc

For the purpose of aids being used and benefits is DBS classed as an aid a permanent one ??

The help line should be able to answer that one.

Hi mally

bettyblue is right. The helpline can help you determine the points allocation for various things including DBS in benefits calculations. But this is complex and they'll need to take your whole situation into account. 

You can reach them at 0808 800 0303.

I hope this helps.



I've been thinkin about this all day

In a world where point's seemingly determine's whether or not by a small margin we are awarded a benefit.

if we apply for ESA and are placed within the support group Aids play no part in that process.

Yet in Pip seemingly AIDs are a part of the process.

Should one say i use a large spoon to Aid feeding and i bought a walking stick as i may need it for tmrw or the week after that?. am i doing myself a dis service if i don't do that should i apply for pip.

Seems the world is  abbreviations but the inability of the person is still the same even if it isn't relevant too the Test.