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Any one out there thinking of travelling by air on holiday should not worry about asking for assistance particularly at the airports. Last year I travelled on a long haul flight and found the assistance was great, Thai Airways were superb, some times they wanted to do so much for you it was embarrassing. It was difficult to explain to people that there were some things you could do for yourself. Overseas airports assistance were superb - slight difference to the haphazard chaos sometimes experienced on arrival at Heathrow. At Bangkok they even offered my o/h a wheel chair in case she was tired!!
My wife and I travel to Denmark quite often, to visit family, and I stubbornly ( her word not mine ) refuse to get help - SAS flights can be quite a walk away at Heathrow T3 - but I know that I could do with some help sometimes, but I like to be independent.

One good thing though, the Passport check at T3 is always easier now that I use a walking stick - they always call me through and around the crowds straight to the Immigration Officer.
I wondered if anyone has experienced difficulty with getting their medication through airport checks. We are travelling to Greece next month for the first time since dx and, as I currently take a cocktail of 13 tablets min a day, will obviously have a lot in my hand luggage.

Would not like my next posting to be from a foreign jail!
Hi chunky,

Good to hear you've been treated so well on your travels, I've never asked for assistance yet at airports or on flights, I could do with it but the thing you said about them wanting to do so much for you would put me off a bit, I don't want to be treated differently but could do with a little help, I'm my own worst enemy really, I'm probably a bit too stubborn like mike 700's wife says he is.

Hi keygirl,

I've taken my meds through airport checks for years and never had a problem, I've even taken injections through, I had to have a doctors letter for those. My tablets I take in the original boxes with the pharmacy label on, I always take extra just incase of delays, I have my insurance documents/letter handy aswell because it says I have PD on it.
You shouldn't have any problems though, enjoy your holiday!

Hi Gill66. Many thanks for your reply - one less thing to worry about!
Hi all, we went to Spain a few weeks ago and because I can't walk very far now we took my wheelchair which my hubby pushed. As a result we could only take 1 suitcase because he couldn't pull 2 and push me at the same time, I had a small 'cabin' suitcase on my knee with my meds ect in it and I had a prescription repeat form from my doctors just in case we were stopped as proof. As I'm using the apo pen I expected to get pulled at security but no, it didn't happen.

What did happen though was that because we could only take one suitcase for both of us it was over weight and we were subsequently charged £60 excess. We tried explaining that because I was in the wheel chair and therefore couldn't pull my own case but it wasn't accepted.

To add insult to injury they lost my wheelchair and it took them three and a half hours to find it when we disembarked in Spain.

To top it all we were charged a further £90 excess for the overweight suitcase on the way back, if I'd have took another case it would only have cost us £18 but hubby couldn't pull 2 and push me!

Has anybody any ideas how to get around this cos we go away again soon?


no names mentioned but bet can guess who you flew with !!!

We travel yo Alicante regularly and although very reluctantly we now take a wheelchair for o/h.
Tried what you did with suitcase but as you said not easy, we now book help before hand and at Alicante someone helps from plane to pick up cases then takes o/h to cafe near front entrance I then collect car take cases then come back for o'h sounds a bit of ordeal but not to bad and does solve the problem.
Hope this helps enjoy your travels

Hi all,
I just saw this on the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) and thought you might be interested.

Passenger rights: what passengers with reduced mobility need to know when travelling by air:
Hi key girl.
I am sending this from Greece where we are on holiday.Dare I say that it is hot and sunny.We have never had any trouble taking meds through airport but just as well to get your doctor to sign a letter to say you need them. Have travelled all over the world including way out places.Likely to have more trouble with anything that contains codeine,such as Migraleve as that is an opiate,and I believe it is banned in many places including Greece.