Air ways

im gettin very low latley,im havin to mush all me food up now to swollow it,ditean i see said its the muscles in me throat.and also when i lie down to go sleep,it harder to breath,i get a carackling noise when i breath ,not nice.agin dr says its pd related,its worrin me ,im not likin this one bit.i seem to have good days like we all do,but now this is goin on ,its makin me think more of me futre,i got another appointment on thursday ,one thing i would like to no is wot stage of pd am i at now,:disappointed:

Morning Ali...

.. couldn't let your message go.. you are ALWAYS there for all of us... you are ALWAYS understanding, supportive, encouraging.. and most importantly "real" - now it's our turn to be there for you..

You mentioned in recent posts a couple of things that meant a lot to me... one was about tears.. believe me, that's something I, and many of us I'm sure, are familiar with - and when others, like you, are as open as you were, it just gives us permission to be equally open, thank you... and you have also been honest in the past about good days and bad days - that, too, has helped me so much as sometimes it feels so lonely...

You are a good mate, a good friend to many here.. and I'm sure I speak for many in saying we're all rooting for you... for today, for tomorrow, for all of the days... you are a constant here and have done so much good... please be as honest as you want to be.. thoughts, fears, tears... there will be a lot of thoughts and love for you (esp. for Thursday).. and, I expect in many cases, (I happen to be a Baptist) a lot of prayer (if folk don't me me being honest!)..

Come on, Ali... we're all with you...

bursardavid xxx

o bursardavid,big hugs to you,i pray for you and also others who are havin a bad time of it rite now,we all get our good days and bad days ,we use to it,im just havin me bad days now,i think when you have bad days the only way you can have a realese is to chat about it,and thats why im glad this forum is here,people goin through same things as advice to me,and me able to do the same to others as mom has been dx with brain tumer/cacerous and been told they can not do nothin for her,and im feelin helpless bout that as well,its addin lot pressure to me,i have a handicaped bruv who lives with mom,and even if they have carrers etc,there lot things to sort out,and i think nowin me pd is gettin worse for me,and me futre wot it holds for me.this is the reason why im feelin the way iam at the mo.i dont wont to go on ,and i dont wont to winge,and im sertenly not lookin for symerthony.all im doin is expalinin how i feel,and people like your self has come forward,sayin you have probs too,tears etc,it gives people to rite down how they feel,and have surport from one another to carry us along on this journey of ours.thankyou so much for replyin to my post,and i hope a few more people can open up,and we can help one another x:smile: