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In just over a weeks time I am flying from Bristol to Majorca by EasyJet and have booked airport assistance. Last time I found it quite challenging as I freeze in crowded places, at doorways, in queues etc and other people are not at their most understanding when stressed themselves by flying. Does anybody have experience of this service? How helpful is it? I am beginning to feel quite stressed already, ridiculous, I know, as I will be fine once I get there and can't wait to be cycling in the warm sunshine along familiar pine-scented lanes in sight of the sea. S

Hi Supa,

I got assistance when I flew to Canada and it was great. Had to arrive at the airport a bit earlier to report in, but you are taken to passport control in a buggy, (or wheelchair) and first on the plane. No queueing or standing for ages. Same at the other end. I was travelling with my sister and she accompanied me in the buggy etc.

Go for it and have a lovely holiday!   x

Hi , I was recently on holiday in Spain and used airport assistance both ways was perfect. No stress and very slick and efficient. Try it , you'll love it

I would like to say that the Assistant Help at Stansted Airport are the best.

Someone came to the front of the building to greet us and made it clear that she was there for the two of us.

This lady then pushed us through booking in, security and passport control.

She said that if we wanted, she would be with us until we had boarded the plane.  We wanted breakfast and a little look around so she arranged to meet us at a certain point and time.  

We had the same service on our return.  She took us to.our car and helped me get in and said goodbye.

Lovely lady

best wishes


Hi Supa

I have used Airport assistance twice at Manchester flying to Dalaman, Turkey. The service at both ends was brilliant and I would happily use it again.

Lucky you, it's ages since I've been to Mallorca. have a lovely holiday!

Regards mrtoad

Thank you all for your positive replies, I feel so much better now, will start packing!

Mr Toad - have just looked at your blog, glad your DBS appointments are moving along at last. Best of luck on the 21st.


Thanks for your good wishes Supa. It's good to know somebody is reading my blog!

Once again, have a lovely holiday, I'm sure you deserve it.


Bon Voyage Supa,

For the last 13 years I have relied on airport assistance for my wife who also has freezing problems and have had only the best care ,at one time an airline helper even knew how to walk backwards facing in front of my wife to walk her through the  jet aircraft doorway  as my hands were full carrying our luggage.

We also use a wheelchair & attendant to take us to the departing  gate ,also in many airports here in the USA one can use a "Unisex family toilet facility" which allows any caregiver access to help their friend in need even with a wheelchair.





Just posted in to let you know we used Stansted Airport again this year but no patch on last year.  On our return,  there was no wheelchair waiting.  The man was expecting me to walk down a flight of stairs and climb into his people carrier.  When we explained this he asked us to walk up the gangplank and wait for him there as he had to go elsewhere for the wheelchair. 

This was a difficult walk for me as it was going uphill and there was no seating at the top so I had to stand for about ten minutes.  When he did arrive, we had to ask him to slow down because I was getting a very bumpy ride and my husband couldn't keep up as he'd had a replacement op earlier this year.  He then passed me on to someone else, who passed me on to ŷet another member of their staff who just stood in the baggage hall while OH pulled our luggage on to a trolley! 

Will let them know what we thought about their service but can't imagine anything will be done. 

Best wishes





Sorry, Ms.Casey about your lack of care in that airport.

I certainly would complain and as you previously stated getting good help at this facility perhaps they were just having a bad day. May things be better next travels!


Hi Supa - how did you get on? We're going to Majorca next year and have booked assistance for the first time, mainly because I know my hubby won't cope with the long walk from plane to baggage at Palma and will struggle queuing to board the plane. Hope you had a good holiday.


Kind regards




Hi Minkymoo

it was brilliant. That is both the holiday and the assistance.

Bristol airport was heaving as it was Easter hols, but was whizzed along in wheelchair past everybody! My partner just about managed to keep up. At Palma need to be a bit more assertive in airport, but help is there. May depend on time of year. Palma airport only part used at Easter time, its huge. 

When are you travelling and from which airport?





Hi supa glad you had a nice time - we're going from east mids to palma. staying at Cala d'or which we've been to a few times before.


Kind regards



My husband has had Parkinson’s for 13 years. and we needed assistance, booked at travel agents, for London Gatwick, confirmed at checking desk British Airways for a flight to Antiqua, 2018. sent to 4 different places for assistance with small walking trolly, veery difficult. very distressing and confusing , we were then forgotten and had to ask again as our flight was boarding, assistance then came. one return journey , we were old they would come back for us as they had other people take and no room, nothing returned. Our trolley had been broken during flight back so we had to walk miles back to terminal as our taxi said they could not wait any longer.

We have used assistance at Cardiff airport and it was fantastic. Wheelchair from check in, right through to boarding the plane, no hassle whatsoever. Return journey from Lanzarote where the assistance was fantastic too. On arriving back in Cardiff, wheelchair waiting for us, first off the plane, our luggage was collected for us and we were taken straight to our taxi.
Hope you have a good experience