Airport customs

Has anyone been pulled over at customs to be searched and had to stand in a machine legs apart with hands in the air? Any tips please

The last three times l have been through customs at an airport I have been searched. This has made me anxious and each time my symptoms get worse.The second time I was asked to remove my shoes and there was nowhere to sit so I lent on a wall to stop me from falling over. I had to stand in a machine with my feet apart on two yellow foot prints on the floor. This l did with difficulty but I was then asked to raise my arms above my head. This I could not do and I was repeatedly asked to raise my arms. I was eventually let out only to be search by a security officer. Meanwhile, my husband was frantically trying to get all our possesions together and try to work it where I had disappeared to. So when this happened a third time my symptoms were bad before I got to customs and the same thing happened again. Has this happened to you? Is there anything I can do to stop this happened to me again?

Hi @survivor, that sounds very difficult for you! I think they must have increased the sensitivity of the metal detectors in some airports recently as this has also happened to me a few times. Fortunately my symptoms are quite mild so the machines are ok for me but I’m surprised that the security people aren’t more aware that people might have problems. I think they always search you though even if you can stand the way they want in the machine. Certainly I’ve been searched each time.

Have you thought of requesting airport assistance when you fly? That way you’ll be escorted through all the customs and security process and the person with you will explain any difficulties you have. My sister has ME and gets extremely stressed and anxious at airports but finds that having assistance really helps.

I’m with Singing_Gardener on this one. Airport assistance is the answer. I used it this week flying to and from Gran Canaria. I don’t know if we are allowed to name companies on here but anyone who helps me combat parkinson’s, even for a short time, gets my support. (the number two came into their title)
It was a doddle and we ‘flew’ through all th awkward bits like security and customs. Still done but very sympathetically and kindly,
I would love to think all airlines are the same but I suppose that is cloud cuckoo!

Thanks for the advice. I have only used special assistance once and that was after customs. One time I was stopped it seemed that everyone with a disability was being stopped as well. I will give it a go next time.

I would agree, I have used airport assistance about 5 times now and it makes all the difference. You may feel a bit silly walking well before and after, but it takes the stress away from the dreaded security queue. I am currently on holiday in the USA, getting to the plane in Manchester and off in San Francisco was a doddle. Go for it every time!

Hi there the last time I used airport assistance the bus in majorca went away without us as they took so long to get us to our luggage which was being taken away just as we arrived.

I realise this was prob a 1 off.

I only taķe assistance as I do struggle to walk any distance.
Ìf I coulď I would certainly not be using assistance just to get me through quicker.

I would just like to thank the kind airport security guy at Stansted
I was getting late for a flight due to traffic problems. When I got to security there was a qeue of about 10 zig zags to get to the bag scanners. Mr P decided it was time for stress and panic.
I showed the security guy my “I have Parkinsons” card down came the barrier tape and he walked me over to the disabled bag scan. Job sorted.
They are not all bad.

Hello @MBG66

Just reading your post on Airport customs but must have taken a sicky when they discussed " I have Parkinsons " Card.
Is it Kosher if so where did you get it ?



I was given it in my Parkinsons pack. Should be easy to get

Cheers pal.
Sorry to all for butting in.


No problem. Hope it helps. I just keep mine in my phone case. Hence why it looks so knackered.
Just handy in times of need.

Hi Survivor,
I posted a query last August re airport security, but had no replies. Having DBS I can’t go through scanners, so I have to show my card and request a pat down. I was really nervous the first time, especially in foreign countries but the security team were really good about it.


im forever getting stopped at airports and ive been advised to get card to show people that i have parkinsons. im not going to do that because i shouldnt need to.i find showing a card as intrusive of my privacy as standing in that silly machine being told by airport staff to stand still and stop shaking. if only i could. the next person after me was a lady in a wheelchair who i had to watch being frisked to within an inch of her dignity. i understand tight security but shaking and tremor doesnt mean we are security risks.i just wish the staff would be a little more thoughtful and i wonder how many of them have friends or family who suffer with this and just havent been through the ordeal of the dreaded scanner.

I totally agree Janice. What you say sums up the way I feel. The only problem is it winds me up and as my symptoms get worse it can then spoil your holiday.

Thanks to everyone for your replies. It is nice to know that I am not BBC alone.

Its embarasing at the time but later you can laugh last year rod stewart concert at hydro glasgow my friends n i were refused entry. The doormen thought i was too drunk.the manager got involved and we ended up best seats in the house.every cloud etc

Phone pduk shop for card