Hi everyone

Sorry to bring up a subject which must have been discussed before on numerous occasions.

My drug packs state avoid alcahol but my Neuro says it's OK in moderation. If I have a drink of an evening my symptoms are not necessarily worse in the morning - sometimes they are better! I presume the alcohol cancels out the drug or is the alcohol effect enhanced by the drug?

I would point out that my intake per week is negligible but I was surprised at my Neuros' comment and wonder if any share the same view.

Cheers (perhaps that's the wrong word)


I went through the same process as you re indecisions.

I drink almost nothing.. (half a glass a couple of times a week or a glass of fizzy at special occasions).

Everyone I asked, including my GP said it was OK to drink a little. The leaflet and web sites said avoid alchohol or deffo do not take alchohol.

I find the small amount I have beneficial and a pleasure even though I have little sense of taste and smell.

I have no idea what effect greater quantities have but any postings I have ever read about it in forums indicate that people take in far more than I do and seem OK.

.... let's not deprive ourselves of our few pleasures!
P.S. I am on a lowish dose of Sinemet
Having grown up with young on-set pd since the age of 8 , i have never been warned off alcohol per se even though I started on sinemet when i was 10. I've since been on madopar for over twenty years and had Deep Brain Stimulation three years ago . I love to go out and have a very active social life - i'm 41 now . I dont go crazy ...and am able to enjoy a few beers with my friends .
Bill has a whisky if he feels like it. As its at home I exspect its more than a pub measure.He is on sinamet+ and other assorted PD meds.
He is 74 and does not indulge so much now.
The main thing is not to have enough to make a fall happen. If you feel good, then go for it.Life is to short to waste.
My Consultant also said it was OK in moderation and I also read somewhere that it can actually help with tremor. I have the occasional glass of wine - I find that I can't take any more than that and I have tried it when I have felt a bit more tense and shaky than usual and it did help.
hi apothiki
i believe you are on requip? the only problem with requip is that alcohol may increase sleepiness. i am on 16 requip and the odd glass does no harm.

however, i have been also prescribed azilect 1mg and that has warnings about liver damage - anyone had experience of this drug and alcohol?
Thanks - It's interesting to hear the views of others. I'll carry on as I have been doing. I'm nearing 60 for goodness sake. I would probably drop off if I had too much anyway. Mind you when the Ropinerole kicks in I'll have a jolly good nights sleep!
i used to be able to drink but since meds if i have a white medium wine it go to me head,i either go giggley ,tired ,lol:smile:
Hi !
My neuro also say a little is OK. But has never defined how little is little. I am also still working so get the oportunity to test out alcohol response to mirapexin.
I dont think it does any harm but I am careful as unsteadiness / tiredness and forgetfulness all have their part to play. Struggling to be able to walk is the norm for me so alcohol makes walking a short distance even more difficult, and tendency to trip increases. However I have a problem remembering to take my medication. But the advantages of social contact probably outway any adverse effects.

Hi Gang,

I do hope that I am not the exception to the rule here, but I will confess anyway.

I have for many years had a few drinks after work, it came with the territory.
And after moving to Spain, I made a conscious effort to cut down my drinking, although I have to say that I didn’t feel any better for it.

After I was diagnosed, it did not occur to me to give up drinking, even after I had blood tests that more than suggested that I should not drink again...EVER, and I am often told this by my Doc.

I take Azilect 1 a day
Requip XL 16 mg a day
Sinamet 1x3 a day (just reduced that from 5)
Stalevo 100 mg 1x1 last thing at night going to 150 mg next week.

I have 2 Vodka and Tonics (slimline of almost every night,,

However there are times like last night when I was at a dinner party, I had a few glasses of wine as well, and I feel fine today. I am not sure if my drinking is affecting the way the drugs work, but I seem to be responding quite well???
When I came off the dopamine agonists and switched to a totally different drug regime I read all of the leaflets, and they all seemed to warn against alcohol.

I've therefore not had a single alcoholic drink since September 2007. I actually haven't missed it at all, and with PD it's easy to tell others that you're simply not allowed to.

I'll bet when I finally do succumb I'll be flat on my back after the first glass!
hello going thorugh the site and found this well i am to this pd game and had drink 4 pints next day Ifoze thought to myself what have Idone on requip 9 mils went to phone pd line siad to me down it to 3 pints will be ok try to mess about 5pints one night was ill next day so take it easy now
Evening dld2d3

I think most of us like a drink or two if only to take our minds off the PD symptoms. If going over the top had an adverse reaction then we would be fools not to cut down.

As a few members have already said, an occasional drink is often regarded as beneficial.