Alcohol and meds


I used to drink, socially, and really enjoyed the difference it made to an evening. I tended to be an all or nothing guy, nothing for 5 nights a week then a 'good night out'! Since being diagnosed with PD I've seriously reined in my drinking....but I miss it!

I miss the world of pubs and dinner parties and wine and music. I don't care what you say, it does make a difference to your evening.

Also I am afraid that my new found sobriety has effected the relationship with my lovely wife, as she enjoyed this world as well.

I am not talking about drunkenness, just tiddliness!

How are you affected by drinking? Have you any scare stories? Do you know of any REAL contra-indications to our meds?
Either the Parkinsons or the drugs have considerably lessened my taste for alcohol. Others have had a similar experience. One glass of wine will do me and then only at special occasions. Most PWP's continue to drink alcoholic beverages, but I would be careful, especially when starting a new drug. It can enhance the effect of certain drugs. Driving on any alcohol intake I would avoid, of course
Hi I know exactly what you mean about not drinking when you have been used to doing so all your life. Initially I found even a couple of sips made me nauseous and gave me a spiting head so for 12 months I went dry. then just before xmas found I could again tolerate so whilst not gone mad I am having a better start to this year!
I never was much of a drinker anyway and neither was my wife. I know the pd meds tell you to "avoid" alcohol but I thought I would make a clean break of it and go t/t. Now I don't miss it at all. I still visit pubs occasionally and usually drink alcohol-free beer.
Alcohol effects the efficacy of any medication. But personally I find one or two or even three g and t's do wonders for my mobility. No more than that though. Perhaps it's the nice fun that goes with it that makes me happy thus the dopamine flows regardless. A good jazz band has ssimilar effects.
This PD stuff is hard enough to cope with without having to do it stone cold sober!
i believe a lot of people 'prescribed' themselves alcohol before they were diagnosed as a means of coping with stiffness/tenseness. i no longer drink beer or wine as it doesnt taste right but do drink sweet wine and port, both if which australia is overflowing in abundance (where else do you get 4 litres of port in a box for 12 pounds? admittedly not very good port...)
Hi My h really likes the life of pubs so we do go out just for a short time 3 or 4 times a week, now he just has one pint Guiness but used to have a whacking great glass of red wine, until I asked him not to because he would freeze onto the bar stool, everyone in pub including h thought it hilarious but it was hard work getting him home.

The neuro has told him not to drink any alchohol, but like a lot of others on here, the pd is bad enough in itself without having to face it stone sober.

I dont drink at all but I never discouraged him until he started freezing on the bar stool and then I think he realised the red wine wasnt helping his poor old damaged brain cells.

The other thing I try and do is get him to have some food in his stomach before the drink, so eating out is dont start the wine until half way through the main course?
love sunray
Has anyone had any problems that serious? So far it seems that there's been a few issues but o real hard problems!
Hi everyone. I used to enjoy a glass of red wine every night but find since being on medication can't even stand the smell. White and rose not too bad but I find that one will last all night - a very cheap date!!

Gin and tonic also very good.
I agree Keygirl G&T get`s my vote, i just have to worn people i lose the ability to talk properly!

Big C
I do like to have a drink with friends. Have not noticed that it interferes with my meds .
G and T is my tipple also, it really does help me to relax, and I am sure it seems to slows down my tremor.( honest):smile:

PB x
Hi all,
When I was diagnosed my neorologist actually said that he was in favour of a glass of red wine a day!!

I find that the drugs are less effective once I have had a glass of wine. especially white wine - so its a case of weighing up the pros and cons. I did do a post in October 2010 about the effects of French wine in particular. Its still there if anyone is interested.

I agree with Posh Bird on this one. PB, have you tried M&S 'Gin-in-a-Tin' (as I call it?) - it is great because just the right amount, not too much or too little. Feet up, watching TV, no tremor, brilliant!!:stuck_out_tongue:
I have a theory....ahem!

Gin and Tonics are good for you!!

We need a double blind, statistically significant trial. I suggest everyone tries to drink as much G&T as they can and tell us all how it goes!!

All I've got is some cheap Spanish stuff, will that do?

Sounds a great idea Spam - do you think we can get the Gin on the NHS?
I'm 11 years into this pd thing now and it's never changed my alcohol consumption. I have continued to enjoy my nights out and I have a little 'drinky' while watching tv in the evening. It's never seemed to affect my meds in any way so I say why the hell not. I even asked my pd nurse about it recently and even she said...go for it!!

I also still have my girly nights out and in, the best thing is...they never expect me to go to the bar now!!! I just hand someone else the money and WALLAH drinks appear on the table, they all know now that they would have considerably less in the glass, if I went!!

Don't deprive yourselves, life's too sh....y.

Melody, I have had the M&S gin in a tin and agree with you not to much not to little. Having said that it has been a couple of years since I had one. As Glenchass says a little of what you fancy now and again shouldn't do you any harm. Life is to short.

I would however say check the med label first to see it alcohol is permissible.

Cheers Radz x
What a marvellous thread! A medium amount of gin coupled with a live jazz band is the best cure i've found so far. Mobility ALWAYS better on the way home. Go figure. So good to find a few gin buddies out there! :wink:
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