Alcohol and Selegiline

Hi I’m just about to start taking Selegiline 5mg (already on mirapexin) and the patient info leaflet says avoid alcohol, cheese and marmite . These are great pleasures in my life can anyone comment on if this is true for the low dose? , I’ve seen other discussions saying it’s fine for the food and drink up to 10mg so now confused and and gutted if true!

hi SarahLou. I would ask your Parkinson’s nurse for advice. I have been taking 10mg of selegiline for 2 years, I do like a glass of red wine or two, the odd gin and tonic, I also eat like strong blue cheese as a treat, and marmite on my toast when I have my boiled egg, personally I have not noticed any adverse reactions, I was told it could make me drowsy and it can make your heart rate slower as can the madopar I take. Medication is such a personal subject to get right, they all seem to have possible side effects listed. Moderation is always advised, I cannot say I always follow that advice and I often remind my GP that she told me ’ alcohol can help your tremors ’ It is a serious question that your nurse will help you with. Regards Jack.

I am in a similar position as you, diagnosed earlier this year, and prescribed 10mg selegline along with ropinirole. I have read that on this low dose you can have some alcohol, however, my consultant wasn’t of the same opinion. I have had the odd glass, and have found that I feel a bit nauseous, but otherwise OK. Must say it is difficult in social situations, as I don’t want to need to keep telling people the reason why I am not drinking!

Hi @SarahLou,

I’m glad to see members are reaching out to you to share their own experiences with Selegiline and alcohol.

We have a few threads on the forum that also speak to this. You can check them out here if you’re interested in learning more about what others have been saying.

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This is an important question. A few of us enjoy a drink, we should not have to become teetotal just because we’ve had the misfortune to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

I’m on a low dose of Sinemet, I still enjoy a some beers a few nights a week.