Alcohol - Strange Question

Hi folks,

I’m recently diagnosed and decided against any meds for now.

I’ve always enjoyed a few pints of lager a couple of nights a week. The last couple of months I just don’t seem to be able to drink as much, in the past I could drink 8 pints on a night out, now I’m struggling to drink 4 or 5. My body just doesn’t seem to want to drink.

Yes I know this is probably a good thing and it’s not the most serious of topics on this forum, but has anyone else experienced this?

Cheers or should I say thanks???

Yes definitley before diagnosis everytime I had a good drink I would suffer big time, couldnt sleep and just felt awful. It made my pd symptoms ten times worse although at the time didnt know it was PD. Still have a drink now but totally in moderation. PD doesnt like me drinking.

So your in good company and not on your own

Definitely. Before I could have a few glasses of wine and not feel a thing. Now i tend to just have one, especially when im out. It just makes me feel out of control and appear drunk after only one!

Me too.
Pints are a thing of the past.
So it’s a couple of bottles at the most.
Getting up for a pee is not fun every hour on the hour.

Hi JonJOe

I used to enjoy a drink just occasionally, but since diagnosis I just don’t fancy it any more at all. Makes me a misery at any celebrations I’m afraid. However I do enjoy a glass of ginger ale!


Hi JonJoe … 8 pints crikey that’s a lot to drink by anyone’s standard . Having had Parkinson’s for nearly 43 years ( since i was 7 ) i grew up and drank just like my peers - nowadays since i had DBS 12 years ago I actually dont drink nearly as much simply because i enjoy having a clear head all the time …dont get me wrong i do enjoy a pint but its just so expensive so if a do have a drink its either at home with my meal or when i go out . Sometimes when im out i get funny looks, i just say its ok , im not drunk i have PD , even when i maybe …lol

My husband used to be able to drink or 7 pints and not feel the effects but over the past few years his tolerance has gradually dropped and now a pint can be too much. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons last year. He is not taking medication. He can still drink a glass or two of wine with food and be ok.

Alcohol in of itself in moderation may be ok for Parkinson’s. But anything more than about 3 pints in a single evening might lead to reduced levels of Vitamin B and Magnesium, so most likely exacerbate Parkinson’s symptoms. Alcohol also destroys sleep, so won’t help that aspect of Parkinson’s either.

like parkinson’s , everyone’s alcohol tolerance varies tremendously - in most cases its just trial and error .