I am the wife of a PWP. Several people have suggested he try an Alexa or other home assistant.
Has anyone tried such and what has their experience been - helpful or more trouble than it is worth.
Thanks J & C Leeds


I’ve had a good look around the forum and it doesn’t seem like anyone has shared their experiences of using one.

There’s some blogs from UK charity, AbilityNet, about how people with disabilities might use an Alexa, or similar products, so these might be helpful:

And hopefully some others in the community who do have experience of using Alexa (or similar products) can share how it helps - or not!

Charlotte - moderation team

I bought an Alexa in June. It is frustrating for me to use as it does not always recognise my voice. I bought it mainly to listen to the radio which is excellent and as such I am happy with it.

We have 2 Alexa and use them all the time but I bought them so that my husband can play music, listen to the radio easier than fiddling with little switches etc. This doesn’t work as it needs definite and decisive commands which my husband cannot do. So we use them but I have to set it off and then leave him listening to music etc, remembering to return and turn it off can be a problem!

I have two Alexas to remind my husband to take his meds. It works really well. Saves us having to consider the carousel system as his PD progresses relentlessly. He is sometimes able to interact with them to ask about the sport news, weather etc and as long as his voice is clear, they respond appropriately. He can also ask them to play his favourite radio station, as his co ordination is bad now. It’s quite funny really, because there have been occasions when he has called out for help and he calls me Alexa. We both have a good laugh. My name is not Alexa!