Alexander Technique


  Has anyone tried the Alexander Technique,I have had 2 sessions so far and have definitely found it benificial.

It appears so far that my movement has improved.

Cheers Anne D



Hi Anne I've not heard a lot about this but I'm thinking it's like physiotherapy 

im struggling with amongst other things bad stiffness in my neck shoulders and upper back

Hi Anne, I haven't heard of this but love to do my research so thank you for sharing.


Hi to PjB and Joanie,

I am a member of my local pd group and they provide various therapies for members.

There are various therapies and I choose the Alexander Technique after reading about it and also google!!Whilst googling  I came across the NHS and ALexander Technique and they recommended it for people with Parkinsons. The group funds 6 sessions and as it has helped me I am carrying on with them for  more sessions.

I am sure PjB they would help your neck etc,and Joanie enjoy googling!!You can also buy books from Amazon,i got an excellent one called The Alexander Technique in a nutshell it cost less  than £3 including delivery charges.

Hoping this information helps.Cheers Anne



Hi Anne,

I've had a nose around on google about the Alexander Technique and it's really interesting and worth looking into further.  I'd never even heard of it until you mentioned it so thanks for that. 


Hi Joanie,

Glad you looked into it Joanie,  if you decide to take it further let's know how it goes please.


Cheers Anne