Ali j 17 July 2012

This is Becky, ALIJs daughter..

At 3pm today my mom went over the local pond to feed the ducks, as she usually does.
A man came over to her and asked her for cash.. He refused to take no as an answer and pulled mom off her scooter and repeated to punch and kick her.. Also stabbed her in the leg 3 times!
He didnt manage to get anything from her and ran off.
Mom then managed to get to her phone and ring 999.
Mom was took away on a stretcher to the hospital.
Scooter left there for forensics.
When she got home the police were here taking pictures of her bruises/cuts.. which she has ALOT of.
She has to go to have a video interview tomorrow and more pictures as the bruises progress to see if they can get footprints etc..

The reason im doing this is to tell everyone why mom isnt going to be on the internet for a bit, which i hope people understand.

She is very shook up and would like to be left alone, but she doesnt mean that in a nasty way.. she just cant deal with things at the moment.

I no people arnt aloud to use other peoples accounts but this is the only way i can get on here and i hope you understand.

I will keep you all updated and i really hope they catch the man who did this.

Mom wanted me to add - ''Please be aware of what can happen to us vulnerable people, be safe''
shocked!!!!! hugs and love to her and you , you must be devastated, so sorry, we will miss her.. thinking about her every day and waiting for her to come back xxxxxx

Becky so so sorry to hear about what has happened to your Mum, please send her best wishes and get well soon xx
What a terrible thing to happen. Ali is such an inspiration. She will be missed. Hope she is back soon.

Much love.