All the symptoms but a clear scan

My mother has had all the parkisins symptons for a couple of months now but her scan has come back clear- whilst this should be good news she is a little concerned about what on earth is causing her symptons. does any one know whether an MRI scan is definitive- she still has a 6 week wait until her consultants appointment
...I believe the MRI scan is only to check for abnormalities not for PD. The more definitive scan for PD is a daTscan
I also got the all clear on my MRI scan when it was very clear I had PD, the scan was to rule out anything sinister other than PD.
Me too. My scan was to rule out other conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis. PD is diagnosed on symptoms rather than scans. The only test for PD is a DAT scan but it is not 100% accurate apparently.
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This is a link to an information sheet about diagnosis and scans.
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From what I have read the only definitive way to confirm PD is an autopsy (Lewy bodies et al). The scans they do sometimes, like others have mentioned, is to rule out other conditions.

What symptoms does your mum have?

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ah so the MRI is just to rule out anythign else but Parkinsons - it makes sense with my mother symptoms but its odd to send for a scan to detect someting that the scan wont detect is it not. Does anyone know if you can insist on the other scan or will they do this routinely? thanks
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shaking in left arm and hand esp when still, lack of motor function in left hand - shaking along left side of body esp when at rest of lying down and she feels this shake inside her body as well
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If you scroll up the post you will see i've posted a link to a information sheet about diagnosis and scans. It explains very well about the questions you have just asked.
Thanks all and thanks for link cutiepie- seems the more I learn about this condition the harder it is to pin down but all the symptoms seem to be there - will now have to deflate my mum who was surprised and happy to get the scan results back - I am a little upset that the consultant did not let her know that it still may be parkinsons though
:smile:hiya nordel,welcome to pduk:smile:im ali bin dx for 10years now ,im 42,when i saw my gp i was sent for a mri scan also,mine shown other things rong with me ,but not the signs od pd,in a way i was glad i had that mri or i would not of nown bout the other illnesses until may be it to late,so in a good way it was good:smile:but like others have mentioned never showed i had pd,i was then looked at for m.s and ruled out so in the end pd was dx under a clinical neuroligists opion,i think u will find quite a few people were dx this way ,since then i have had a dat scan which then showed wot was rong with me,i am now bein sent to a movement disorder spealist in birmingham as well ,lookin into other signs of parkininsum ,parkinsons disease is the main type of parkinisum ,so other conditions can branch off from parkinsons it self,ihave moved neurolists and since doin so ,ihave had alot more info and tests done for me and again the ball is rolling lookin into other conditons to do with movement as well.:smile:i wish ur mother luck nordel and please keep us informed how ur mother gets on please ,it be lovley to see u around the forum ,there is good surport here for u and nice people to make friends with:smile:
Hi nordel all comes down to cost. From memory, the private daTscan I had was around £2300.

Most health authorities are reluctant to spend.....
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Tremor symptoms sound like my mum. Does you mum have rigidity, bradykinesia (slow movement) or postural instability? My mum is very slow and walks as if a steel rod is placed down her back. And has been known to fall ... so all 4 cardinal symptoms :(

Hope you get the diagnosis soon. Your poor mum and family, the wait is unbelievable. When GP said to us it may be PD I did research and KNEW it was PD. Then I made appt with one of the best neuros (movement disorder specialist) at one of the best hospitals in Aus (4 week wait). Then I phoned around to get in to see ANY neuro sooner as I thought scans may be done to rule out anything more sinister which, if taken, could have been showed to second neuro. But first neuro and then second neuro said it was not necessary as symptoms were of idiopathic PD (I call it IDIOT PATHETIC PD :imp: ).

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