Almost complete lack of sleep

I've recently moved up to the highest dose of Pramipexole and I'm having the most appalling sleep of my life.

One thing I've thought of trying is changing the time of day I take my pill, rather than taking it first thing in the morning.

Is there anybody who's tried this approach? What was your experience?

No experience of pramipexole, I take ropinirole and have bad sleep problems. When they increased my dose to 10mg and I get it in 2pills, an 8 and a 2 I started to take the 8 in the morning and the 2 in the evening in the hope that I would sleep better. It made no difference to my sleep, but I avoided the visual disturbance I had when my dose was increased from 6 to 8. It does seem that the slow release pills do not give a steady even supply of the drug through the day.

Best of luck with what you decide to try.

how much is that in mgs?

I'm also on the maximum dose of Pramipexole. I'm trying to get my medication changed because Pramipexole isn't working as effectively as it was. I try to space the 3 times a day over 24 hours, so every 8 hours. Since doing this my sleep has been much better.

Can anyone give an opinion of what meds to move on to next? I think I'd rather stay on a dopamine agonist. I only started taking Pramipexole in July 2012, just before my diagnosis. So, I feel I don't want to rush through the meds available. I'm getting used to living with some symptoms. Mainly shakey legs, right hand side mostly.

kf - levadopa (sinemet or madopar) is next...there is really no alternative, a mixture of levadopa and DAs is generally quite effective.

I agree with turnip on that combination of meds. Nearly all my symptoms are under control with a large dose of Pramipexole daily (6mg.) and a small dose of Sinemet. Oddly, the Pram. has never caused problems. In my case, it was when I added the Sinemet that I started having occasional wakefulness.

I was diagnosed in October 2012I too have an appalling sleep pattern. I fall asleep without a problem but am awake frequently throughout the night for long periods of time. I also have to have a sleep during the day or I feel like a zombie for want of a better word. I'm wondering if the Pramipexole is causing this. I am taking 1 Pramipexole daily alongside 3 Madopar/Levodopa daily. I have only been on Pramipexole for a month.

I thought the maximum dose for Pramipexole was 3.15mg per day?

My hubby is having the same problem at the moment. He takes Co-careldopa 10/100mg 5 times a day and he also takes Zopiclone and Citalopram at night and usually sleeps like a baby but since the PD nurse put his meds up to 5 the last one being at 12 at night his sleeping is 4hrs at the most. He doesn't sleep during the day and doesn't seem tired.

hi davey

i am on the highest dose of pramipexol 3.15mg and used to take it in the morning but have now started to take it at night and i get a good nights sleep dont know if it was changing the time that did it but its worth a try good luck sue.

Two of you have mentioned 3.15 mg. as the max. dose of Pramipexole. That surprises me. I get treatment at the Parkinsons Center in Portland, Oregon, where my doctor has instructed me to take three or four (my choice) 1.5 mg. tablets per day. I have never suffered any side effects from Mirapex (Pram.). I take the doses about four hours apart (usually 8-noon-4-8), then go 12 hours overnight with none. Sometimes I skip one dose. But 4.5-6.0 mg. really eliminates most of my symptoms.

I'm going to ask about the max dose of Pramipexole again. It worked well for me with little in the way of side effects. Would happily stay on it if it could continue to work. I don't want to move onto something different yet. I was only dx in August 2012 and it seems too soon. Hopefully have a long life in front of me to enjoy. I'm only 39. So I don't want to rush the meds available. And, of course, THE CURE will happen in my lifetime!

I'm reading this at 4:45 am due to very poor sleep. I take Requip xl 22mg in the morning and 2mg at bedtime.Plus Madopar 125. 3x daily. I've tried when I have the last Madopar, without success.Tonight I've had 4 hours sleep and have to get up for work. Any suggestions welcome;(