Aloe Vera

I suffer from constipation with all the various drugs I am on. I also have IBS. Have read that Aloe Vera juice can be helpful- does anyone have any ideas Please? Does it interact with medications or is it safe?
Many thanks. Meg
Hello Meg

Have you tried a semi-vegetarian diet? I found it most helpful. Try cutting out
red meat for a while and eat little and often. I start the day with fresh fruit
salad or compote. Lunch is usually homemade veg soup with lentils and supper is
fish or chicken with plenty of veg.Of course I eat other food aswell but this is my basic diet. Hope this helps, best wishes
Hi Meg and Iris,

I would very much agree with the semi-vegetarian diet. Even a little fruit or veg with every meal I feel helps keep things moving along so to speak. I have an almost mystical belief in the lunchtime big bowl of veg. soup , preferably home-made and usually buy plain bio yoghurt so I can add fruit to it myself. I was defo. dx with diverticulitis and I probably dx myself with ibs - lost in the mists of time and I find if I stick to a semi veggie diet regime most of the time, I can get away with occasional self-indulgences.

Anybody have the answer to the Aloe Vera juice interaction please?...if it is safe to take with co-beneldopa? many thanks