Alternative therapies

I find sports massage really helps with stiff muscles and I now have a massage about once a month or so (I'd have them more often if I could afford it!).

I've also started having acupuncture but it's too soon to tell if it's helping.

Is anyone else a fan of alternative therapies? Do you find any that are particularly helpful for PD?

Hi Tabbycat,

I have a massage once a month too and it helps greatly. I also take acupuncture treatment every three weeks since december 2014. Rather would have them twice a week but who can afford that. Also use chinese prescription herbs for support of the needle treatments.  Im shure the acupuncture is helpful. Other than that I meditate and practice chi kung (qigong) and overall moving as much as possible, walking and working out with free weights, yoga, calisthenics etc. No synthetic drugs yet.

That's interesting, Hans55. How long have you had PD?

I also do yoga, and I'm hoping to find a tai chi class soon. I've practised tai chi on and off for years and always have a hankering to get back to it when I stop for too long.

I was diagnosed one year ago, but some of the symptoms began several years ago. Its just lately that the tremoring increased to a point that others see it.