Hi everyone, I was wondering, can anyone recommend any Complementary and Alternative Medicines?

Hi Dave
I recently read on the internet that Reflexology can improve PD symptoms by approx 20% (better than a poke in the eye!). Also some people have mentioned Bowen therapy.
Also....there is a book called Parkinsons Disease reducing symptoms through nutrition and drugs by Geoffrey Leader which you might want to look's available through PDUK or Amazon.
Also....massage. My husband has PD and I did a massage course last year. This has made a HUGE difference to his aches and pains and stress levels.
All the best
Carrot :grin:
PS: Broad them regularly...only natural source of dopamine that Im aware of.

Hi carrot, thanks for the great info ... taken on board ..

Hi Dave,
You might like to try Mucuna Pruiens powder that comes from an Indian bean and is part of their ancient medecine. It takes a while to kick in I have been having it but honestly cannot really say whether it helps or not.
Perhaps we sould both try reflexology and I also shoud get the book.

Dave, forget the broad beans, the dopamine will not get into your brain. Reflexology relaxes you, that's all, or you could say that's very good, because stress aggravates the symptoms of PD, so relief from this improves your functioning. I found yoga also very effective for relaxation and breathing techniques.
The PDS has accumulated research results on vitamine supplements and PD , there must be leaflets , search this site.
Exercise/ Physiotherapy has been proven to be beneficial, but do not push yourself too hard.
If there was any alternative treatment that,tested and researched on a sizeable number of patients,found to be working, the PDS would recommend it and your neurologist would know about it too.
It remains a trial and error field , some find relief in aromatherapy(relaxation again), massage( id + painrelief from stiff muscles).
There is a natural product produced in India (Zandopa) , made from Mucuna Pruriens, some take it instead of the conventional levodopa medication(Sinemet, Madopar) others combine the two with their neurologist's consent. Mucuna pruriens is more difficult to administer in the correct dose, I believe. You can find some information on the web. The research into it is (so far) scanty, but researchers concluded it was worth further investigation. I do not know why they have not done this yet.

wow,some great info, thanks guys ...

Hi DaveW,

There are so many alternatives that can be tried but do they work? There is a theory that mercury fillings in the teeth can be a reason for PD that the mercury is worn away down through the years and the toxins build up in the system, I have had all my mercury fillings changed, no big change in my symptoms as yet!

You could also look up on the internet the use of Co EnzymeQ10 with viatmin C and E used to slow down early parkinsons? Let me know what you think when you read about it.

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If we are talking about mercury in fillings forget it. There is no evidence of any benefit from removal of amalgam fillings - indeed the removal frees more mercury in a short time than any wear could do. PD was around long before mercury fillings, pesticides or washing up liquid so we need to be looking at dietary causes but not only recent ones.
Dietary additives and supplements can be very helpful to some PwP even to the extent of restoring near normal life without prescription drugs. That's where the research work should be targeted.