Am I about to lose my driving licence?

In all honesty I have to tick the yes box on slow reactions and daytime sleepiness. I no longer drive more than 20 miles and won't drive if I'm tired, but there is nowhere on the DVLA form to say I self regulate. So many more chores will fall to my Mrs if I lose my licence, but I can't lie about this stuff. What do you think?

Hello LRL and welcome to the forum.
There are lots of friendly and helpful people here who will share their experiences with you. When I was diagnosed a few years ago I fretted about driving. I need not have worried.

In my experience so far the DVLA have been good. I'd advise you to fill in the form honestly. The DVLA will write to your neurologist or GP and ask their opinion. If they say you are fit to drive then (based on experiences of posters on this forum) you are almost certain to get a licence subject to medical review in 3 years.

Don't fret about insurance either. Plenty of posters here have experienced no problems and no increase of premium after informing their insurers of diagnosis.

I hope this helps.

Elegant Fowl

I agree - my experiences with the DVLA have been good - with back up from my neurologist, I have had my licence renewed four times. Good luck!

hi i agree with EF dvla will speak to neuroligist,i hope all works well for you x:smile:

Well that's all pretty positive, thanks folks.

Hi Lrl.

When I went to see my neurologist he noticed that I was falling asleep and told me to inform the dvla that I couldt
Drive anymore.i like you love the independance to just get in the car and I asked if I could do short journeied to
School.i was refused quite rightly saying it doesn't take long to run a child over.yed I've lost my license can't walk far and feel
Helpless. While the wife has to do the running about.i do jobs around the house slowly.but is this my life now it looks like IST

Hello LRL, I was diagnosed with PD in 99 ,and had accumulated no fewer than 16
Licences allowing me to drive trucks up to,50 tons Artic tankers, toxic cargo
including some seriously nasty chemcals, I also Operated Excavators, tracked and rubber tyred Excavators ranging from 9tons up to 48tons,Loading Shovels tracked and on rubbers ,Graders Heavy Rollers and so on, the variation of different types requiring so much concentration and situational awareness that DVLA immediately revoked my precious Licences, so carefully built up over 38yrs in the
Earth moving business,Never had any accidents and I did not feel any different.
They did allow me to retain my car licence, but due to the rapid progress of PD
I had to give that up also and now depend on my wife and family, I miss driving
but I cannot concentrate now and fall asleep in seconds, it is affecting me now
making it very hard to think spell and type so I will have to go, will pick up thread later. Regards fedexlike

Hello LRL sorry about that, I have just recovered from a frightening shut down
almost total anyway what was I droning on about,,, oh yes Licences I have only
my TV licence now and as It stays parked in the same place ad infinitum, they cant take it away, the DVLA that is, while im on the subject have you noticed how
it seems traditional to always have the TV in the same place our latest, all singing all dancing,,, whatever that means,, sits in the same place as our first
gas powered version, of 60 yrs,,or was it 600 yrs,, nope 60 yrs ago,,isn't PD
wonderful the way it torments the duffed up memory banks its a right little so and so, don't you think,,well I do now ,I sat down the other day and worked out
how much on average TVs have cost this family, taking the licences the power , repairs, in the last 55 yrs, I know you all want to know this,my calculations come to £33,354 and that's not including the repeats.
Good or even GREAT NEW YEAR fed :fearful: