Am I being over-sensitive

:cry: Feeling fed up tonight.
Got a letter this morning, in large print, offering me an appointment to meet the Parkinson's disease specialist nurse at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary.
The letterhead was "The Department for Elderly Medicine"!

It's bad enough having PD at 57 but already classed as geriatric!


Ps. Why when you spell check before posting 'Parkinson's' is not in the dictionary

Hi Bikiebob,

I understand how you feel , I too hate being categorised , it is like a label or a tag that goes with our personality - or maybe we hate having pd so much we are sensitive - YES WE ARE SENSITIVE :disappointed:


Hi Bikiebob - i can sympathise with you. I hsve been told by the PD nurse that the Neurologist will probably hand me over to a consultant in 'care of the elderley'. I am 58 and wasn't too impressed. I have since found out that this consultant has a special interest in Parkinsons, so maybe it won't be so bad:rolling_eyes:

Hi Bikie Bob, Tulip and Lizzy P

If you are "elderly" what does that make me? (I'm 66!) :cry:

Remember: You can't stay young forever, but you can be immature for the rest
of your life! :laughing:

Bob, you think you had a bad day? I put my bra on backwards this morning and
it fitted better that way! :flushed::flushed:

Laughter is still the best medicine.

Have a great day.


When asked by a visiting OT what help I felt II needed I asked for details of household chore help (was thinking in terms of ironing, dusting etc) In the post I received details of local care homes for the elderly/infirm. I am 55. I felt very sensitive! And Tootsie - a bra! I gave up on them years ago. Now I fight with those sports tops things

Wait until you are 66 annebernadette. You may need to upgrade your underwear
because at that age everything goes south!


Dear Tootsie, I have already upgraded my radios & TV at great expense in terms of £ & kerfuffle. Now I have to do the same with my underwear?

It is a good Q BikieBob & one I cannot answer since I never use the spell check. Something to do with the ' ?

Try not to dwell to much on Geriatric when used in conjunction with the medical profession.I remember my wife being classed as Geriatric when in Hospital giving birth to our third child.She was just 30:exclamation: at the time.
All the best

hello Tootsie, Titan, Annebernadette, and all....

Well Tootsie you gave me my first laugh of the day....the "backward" bra! Oh, don't I hate those things.....especially with hotflashes....think when I'm a little older (I'm one of those 56 yr olds that does NOT believe we are old!)I'll go to wearing t-shirts...or camisoles under my you said, -think it was Anneb.- everything will go south before too long...oooh, that reminds me of pictures a friend once sent me of RObert Redford & Paul Newman in their 70's - in shorts...with no shirts....not a pretty site at all!, it not just us women who become less attractive...

hope you are having one of your better nites.....:grin::flushed::exclamation:

Hi all

I had a smile at some of your posts. Should we be sensitive - you're d***** right we should! We may have an illness which causes us a lot of problems and we are ordinary human beings - not aliens from Mars. Others (especially professional medical personnel) should give some thought to the terminology they use.

As for not wamting to grow up, a friend of mine used to insist that "Growing up is not compulsory"

You are as old as you feel - some days 21 others 99.

As for underwear, I gave up on flimsy undies some years ago - you can't beat good sturdy harvest knickers - All safely gathered in!!!!!!


Hi gemini, would agree with you are definitely as old as you feel and boy somedays this crappy disease makes you old.On the other hand as I always say why grow old gracefully when with a bit of effort you can do it very disgracefully!I can sympathise with the night owl syndrome! I shall log on more and look for you in the wee small hours.

Hi Trish Ann

My friend had a saying "Growing up is not compulsory"

I got up this morning trying to get my kids and nephew for school and them shouting mom you r getting too old as u are slowing down to catch us ( I am 41 and all three are under 11 yrsold)as we where playing hide and seek. i realized I had put tooth past in my hair instead of mouse. unfortuntly in all the morning drama had forgotten to look at myself and was wondering why everyone was giving me a funny look. My friend pulled a mirror from her bag and I saw my hair was filled with a gooye blue thing in my hair and all this time thought how god the mouse smelled

so see its got nothing to do with getting old . its how yyou feel inside. I know my story might not say anything about the thread but thought it would put asmile on ur face. no one is old , you are how u feel in your heart. with my dad i am still his little girl no matter how many times some cals ot mommy can u help me. i am still 18 yrs old in my heart and would be for a very long time



There is a saying that "old is ten years older than you yourself are now" which has been validated by researchers. When they asked the same question, i.e. when do you reach old age, of people some years down the line the answer was still a figure ten years ahead of the interviewees current age. Be careful you don't say it to anyone who is sensitive about their age like I did to two of my fellow (male) ramblers or they may miss the point and decide you are having a go at them.

And to think all these years i thought you where classed as "old" when your teeth slept in a glass and you in a bed !:rolling_eyes:

no you are not over sensitive . My husband is 77 and I thought it was awful when we were directed to care of the elderly to see our consultant . Where do all the younger people go to