Am I just putting my head in the sand?

After some time of a dragging left leg and limited movement in my left arm that has progressively got worse, I saw a neurologist and had an MRI scan on my brain and was given medication (that didn't work) 

On my second visit to the neurologist I was given Simemet 2x3times a day which has stopped my dragging foot and given me movement back in my arm.  

I was also referred for a full body MRI scan and to a movement specialist.

The neurologist said that he believes it is Parkinsonian symptoms.  While I'm dealing with this I feel I am avoiding it too by thinking it's just related to Parkinson's. 

Does anyone else have experience of this? 

thanks for reading 


I've just Googled Parkinsonian symptoms.

Aren't they the same as Parkinson's?


If it is parkinsons please don't think it's the end of the world. Admittedly it's not what you would want to hear. 

I've been on sinemet for over a year and bar a little tweaking of doses by the PD Nurse am managing ok. The most difficult bit at the start is getting used to the diagnosis. There's loads of advice on this site and people in much the same boat to talk to. I found the trick was not to rush in to reading everything at once. 

That's exactly what I thought - it all got very confusing! 

Thanks for your advice. I did find It overwhelming and confusing at first. I've learnt only to try and find the answers to my questions for now. 

good idea. I also found it best not to read up on PD late in the evening or I think too much about it at bedtime - and that's definitely not good