Am i the only one?

well i love my boyfriend very much and sometimes im in two minds weataher its pd or something else,, the mood swings yes the repeting yes.. the tremers, the door ways.. the sweats from the meds sleepless nights, deperession... are all part of pd oh also the standing still figering out which foot to put first... i know all this and i know it will get worse i dont know how many years i have left with him but each day im so thankfull that he is in my life and count my blessings he is with me... but i do find it hard sometimes that he trys to push me away as he thinks im to good for him...has anyone else been though this??(the pushing that is)has anyone any advice please??
how long diagnosed?
what meds?
hey he has been this way for 16 years.. not sure what the meds are as have'nt got around to looking at them!

You say he has been this way for 16 years? What with PD? It may help to know what medication he is on. The "pushing around" that is probably just frustration.

take care PB