Am i vulnerable

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I am confused as to who is really vulnerable. Parkinsons is not listed on the government web site, but every e-mail I get from the Parkinsons team assures me I am.

Tesco say they are helping the vulnerable, but try getting a delivery slot in daylight hours is impossible.

Who is hogging these slots, and who allocates them? Considering the lock-down has eased, have people become too lazy to go shopping.

According to the NHS there are two categories - vulnerable and extremely vulnerable. Parkinsons is on the vulnerable list but most of the supermarkets will only give priority to the extremely vulnerable because the government has a database of these people so it is easy to verify.

We have found the slots with supermarkets are much easier to get these days than at the beginning of lockdown but we do tend to try all the different ones. Ocado and Sainsbury slots are quite readily available locally to us.

Hi Singing Gardener.

My wife doesn’t like Sainsburys as it’s more expensive. I can get on Morrisons site, but I can’t see what I have in the trolley, like I can with tesco. So stuck with that.

Perhaps it will improve soon, we can only hope.

@JohnnyD Fair enough! As I understand it Tesco give priority to their delivery pass customers (my sister is one and she always manages to get a slot) so there are few slots left for anyone else. Asda seem to have lots of slots where I am if that’s any use?

I see you have to pay monthly for that – a bit like Amazon prime, and I don’t do that either. Tesco charge for delivery anyway, and that varies.

I tried Asda, but somehow what ever password I use, they won’t accept, so I gave up. It’s a weird world…

I’ll keep trying tesco, in hope, as I can’t believe there are no slots until after Aug 23rd.

Tesco release slots at midnight and before they gave priority to the delivery pass customers it was possible to get a slot by logging on just after midnight. For a while we were staying up until midnight to get a slot but now the delivery pass people get to see 4 weeks ahead whereas everyone else only gets 3 weeks so it’s more difficult to get a slot.

Ironically we’ve only just been reaccepted by Tesco after being black listed as being on a dangerous road but we’ve yet to be able to book a delivery here as any slots I could get were for my 95 year old mum!

That’s a bit too late. I try before 07AM, and still can’t get one. Today I have been trying at odd times, and still no luck. We well have to live out of the freezer, and find someone to get the essentials.

We rang a number that was fairly difficult to spot on a page about deliveries on Tesco’s website, and spoke to a kind someone who agreed we were vulnerable and gave us priority slots. Since then we’ve had no problem getting a delivery, sometimes at shortish notice. Morrisons has also become easier, and we’ve also tried Iceland which was a bit more difficult as it seems to release slots at random times. Deliveries are out there… even when the Government (proprietor: B Johnson, whose mother has PD) does noy appear to consider Parkinson;s as meriting vulnerable status.
Good luck with it.

Hi tiredcarer.

Thanks for that, but I can’t see any phone number on that page, would be so kind, and let me know please.

The good bit is, I have found a slot for tomorrow.

Is the rest of that last sentence “and it only took me until tomorrow to find that slot”?

Hmm, now I can’t find that number on the page either. But I think it is this one: 0800 323 4040. You need to ask to be put on their priority delivery slots, and once you’re on the system there’s an option for them on the right hand side of the “book a delivery” page.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for that number.

I had a look this morning, and found a slot for tomorrow, which was not there yesterday.

Hi everyone reading these posts spurred me on to contacting Tesco re: how do I get on to to the vulnerable list for home deliveries. All through the lockdown I trailed around our local store. But now I’ve got more balance problems and sometimes feels bit disoriented walking across the kitchen!! I called this number: 0800 917 7359.After a brief wait I spoke to a very helpful lady. I explained my problem and she asked me a series of questions. In 24 hours I will be in the vulnerable list which will enable me to book a slot (hopefully). I’m SO relieved :relieved:
Just thought this info might help other Parkinson’s people.

Thanks for sharing this info with the forum, @Caz1. I’m sure our members well find this helpful - we have a lot of information on the Parkinson’s UK website about Covid-19 and the support for people with Parkinson’s that you may want to check out for future reference. You can find this information here -

Best wishes,
Reah :slightly_smiling_face: