Amantadine for Fatigue

Hi All,

I had my annual visit to the neurology clinic yesterday and my allotted registrar was actually quite good this time. He covered areas left untouched by his predecessors and, hallelujah, actually mentioned compulsive behaviour (luckily my GP had talked about this issue when I received my first Requip prescription nearly two years ago). Anyway, he suggested I try amantadine specifically to combat fatigue. At the moment I'm taking 3mg Requip three times a day. I've looked at previous posts on the forum about amantadine but they didn't appear relevant to me. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated as I have a GP appointment the first week in September to review/adjust my medication.

there's a lot of feedback on MS sites as amantadine is used to counteract MS fatigue, might be useful regarding side effects etc?

i was given it early on and it caused panic feelings and general haziness, but many people use it without problems.