Amantadine & Sinemet

I’ve recently been prescribed Amantadine to take with my Sinemet 50/200. I’m a bit wary of taking it.

Does anyone have any experience of this combination?

Amantadine is the only thing my doctor has found that has any benefit for me.

Thanks - that’s reassuring to know. I’m currently on a very high dose of Sinemet which is becoming less and less effective. I’ll give the Amantadine a try I think Thanks again.

I too was wary of taking Amantadine, in fact the packet had gone out of date! I am now four days in, taking one a day only. I think there is a great improvement in my dyskinesia. No side effects so far.

Hello Lindsay,

I’ve just posted asking about Amantadine. I am due to take my first one today. I’m encouraged by you mentioning no I’ll effects so far!
I hope that is still the case and you are doing well
Best wishes

Hi Steph,

I am still taking Amantadine - although only one a day. I am so reluctant to take more tablets than I feel is absolutely necessary. I think I tend to run under medicated. I take Amantadine when I wake up, leave half an hour and then take a slow release sinemet. After that I just pop one slow release every four hours as required (i.e. sometimes I take an evening one, sometimes I don’t need). The Amantadine seemed to stop my dyskinesia really well to start with, but I would now say it reduces rather than stops the symptoms.

No side effects whatsoever. Good luck, let me know how you get on.

Hi Lindsay,

Thank you for your reply. I completely feel the same about taking as little medication as possible.
I took one Amantadine this morning about an hour later my dyskinesia was terrible, which really worried me, it did settle so I will continue to take one a day and hope for the best.
The balance is so tricky isn’t it!

All the best

Hi Steph

It’s important to get a balanced view over a week. As you know, there are so many factors with this drug taking, Too much sinemet can be worse than my Parkinson’s. I go from stiff and uncomfortable to literally hopping around with dreadful cramps and restless leg. I do think the Amantadine helps.