Amantadine used to treat ICDs in PD

Recently I have been helping a friend experiencing ICDs caused by drug treatments of PD. This person is remaining on the same drug regime and introducing Amantadine to help control the ICDs. I decided to do some research which led to me finding this article :
(The link will download a .pdf document)

Has anyone else heard of Amantadine used to treat ICDs (Impulse control disorder)?
i am ont he amantadine 2mg i take it one a day along with 14 mg of is helping me a lot as i was in a deep hole and did not know how to get out .
amantadine seems to block one of the glutamate receptors - which i think (a bit of jump here) makes the obsessive behaviour less rewarding. I was on amantadine for a while and found it had a depressing and dulling effect which fits in. But obviously it does good for some people probably depending on the chemical over or under abundance they have. your friend may need to watch out for becoming very depressed.
When I took Amantadine I had dreadful hallucinations for about five days !
Hi i ive been on Amantadine, for nearly a month now. I have reduced my levodopa by one. This drug is also used for protection against flu.ive had no side affects so far and feel a lot better