Amantadine. What does it do for you?

I have been taking 100mg of Amantadine each morning for a few months.  I cannot tell if it is doing anything for me and am considering whether I should stop taking it, with the approval of my neurologist, of course.

To others taking it, do you think it helps?


Hi Martini I have been taking amantadine for five months and once up to three times per day at 100 mg I found it had great results ,......walk, rigidity etc all improved.... but I also found my ankles and feet swelling and I had mottling of the skin , so much so , that my neurologist advised me to reduce to twice a day instead . Suffice to say that the benefit I had seen and felt has been reduced . I would say it did give me vivid dreams and night terrors.. It didn't suit me but you almost certainly will not experience the same reaction as myself - keep going

I have been on amantadine for 4 years maximum daily dose    4 x 100mg.   It was a miracle drug for me.  I had tremor, in my right hand one day, then took the max dose amanatadine the next day and a day after that -  no tremor.   No side effects.  A little flushed at first but it went away quickly; otherwise no problems.  You can read all about it at my blog site