would like to know how people have got on with Amantadine

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I’m sure others may chip in with their experiences, but in the meantime there have been a fair few discussions on the forum historically that you might want to have a browse through - you can view this via this link.

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Hello AV,

I started taking Amantadine about half a year ago, in addition to Rasagiline and a very low dosis of Pramipexole (retard 1.05) and so far I am satisfied with it. My neurologist who I respect a lot and listen to his advice carefully said „with this medicine you will be able to work for another 15 years!“ Whether it was a kind of joke remains to be seen but I feel much more energetic and mobile since then. When asking about the long list of serious side effects, he relplied that in general Amantadine is well compatible for a young-onset PD case like mine and that I should of course monitor, but not worry about it, as the other two medicines (especially Pramipexole) can have more serious side effects long-term… So far I couldn‘t notice any of the listed side effects, but I do check my heart for the QT interval regularly (hope this is the right term; anyway the cardiologist would know).

Seems that Amantadine is not in focus any longer for whatever reason (profit?), but it has some advantages and it works (for me). Letˋs wait and see…

This was of course only my personal experience, but I still hope it helps you a bit.


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thank you

Thank you for your optimistic report
Can you tell me how much Amantadine you take?
Thank you

You are welcome :slight_smile:
I take 150mg amantadine in the morning and again around 2-3pm. As far as I know this is the maximum daily dosage. A fellow PD-friend of mine was taking 3x150mg daily and this was causing severe mental issues over years (although he was just following advice from one neurologist. He reduced recentlyl to two daily and he feels much better since.
Hope this helps, see you!

Thank you for your help
MY husband is now taking 100mg one a day and so far this seems better

Best wishes