Does anyone take this drug, I’ve been taken one tablet a week now on two a day I take these about 10am as my first lot tablets are at 8am 125 mg sinemet, entacphone and Azilect, just thought they might interfere with them if I take Amantadine at 8am .Does anyone know what’s the best time to take and do you take both tablets ie Amantadine at same time or take one then another at later time.Ive read the information on leaflets and been on websites and no answers. I will phone pd nurse or pop in chemist.

After I had a DAT Scan at the QE Birmingham I was prescribed Amantadine, the neurologist said it was an old form of PD treatment.
I take it in the morning, then later in the day Half Sinemet CR, doesn’t seem to have any beneficial effects unfortunately.

I all ways thought amantadine was used for dyskinesia and sinemet cr you take at night time usually but I do know you can take during day as it slowly disperses into your system. Are your symptoms bad or mild ,you could always phone pick they have trained people who could tell you.Also you could Google it

I’m simply following the instruction of my neurologist, after Co-Careldopa was ineffective.

I can barely walk or use my left arm, so relatively bad, but no dyskinesia.

I’ve been referred to a 3rd neurologist now. I’ll have to see what she says.

I would say you need a more frequent drugs plan ie every 4hrs 62.5mg or 125mg &125mg or 250mg sinemet cr… bedtime. But every body’s condition is different but it does sound like you need more medication But I’m not the professional. You could phone your pd nurse or get some advice from pduk.Hope you get sorted. Keep me updated