My husband started Amantadine 7 weeks ago
It was like miracle cure for 5 weeks but has now had to come off it due to side effects
Does anyone know why when first prescribed he was told to take 1 x100mg a ady and after one week to increase to 2x100,mg
Would the side effects be less on just one tablet a day as that seemed to work so work so well in the first week
thank you

i take 4per day (100mg) and have done so since 2011 - no side effects. It was a miracle drug for me also. Over night the tremor stopped. Why don’t you talk with his neurologist as maybe adjusting doses might help. Good luck

So pleased it has worked for

Can you tell me if you are any other drugs as my husband takes sinemet and Rasagiline
I am wondering if this cocktail makes any difference
Thank you

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Hello KK1. Thanks for your post. It’s probably worth speaking to your husbands Parkinson’s nurse or consultant. If you can’t access them, our helpline includes trained nurse advisers, and would be happy to hear from you. The team are around till 6 today, or 10-2 tomorrow (back from 9am Monday): 0808 800 0303

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here is the recipe for my daily drug cocktail: Mirapex 1x 4 (m
ax dose) amantadine (1 x4) (max dose) app levocarb (levodopa/carbidopa) 100/25 mg 4 times daily. I was diagnosed in 2011 but had symptoms 4 years before that. Except for a complete loss of smell, loudness of voice problem, slow gait
and a couple of falls I feel relatively well.

Thank you for your reply
My husband now on 1 Amantadine a day and the same dose as you of the Cardelopa
He has stopped the Rasagilene, all trial and error

At present this is suiting him better and has more energy

Best wishes