Having trouble getting teva brand ,chemist saying they think Lucis Pharma Ltd have taken teva over but not to sure about it.Any information please

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Can you let us know which meds they are having difficulty getting - is it amantadine or anything else?

Please let me know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @gus,

It’s me again, we’ve spoken to our contact at Teva and they have sent us the following information:

Teva has not been taken over by Lucis Pharma, although they are now supplying Amantadine to us so the product is now in their packaging, which has probably caused the confusion.

We have no supply issues or disruption on the 56 pack, this should be readily available. We do not have stock of the 14 pack at the moment, but expect it to be available within the next month. There are other suppliers that have the 14 pack available though.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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Thank you for your quick response. I have the tablets so I’ve got nothing to worry about. Thank you :blush:

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@gus Amazing! Glad you were able to get your tablets in the end. :blush:

My partner seemed to go downhill a little over the past couple of months and we were trying to think what had changed. The only thing we could identify was a change in the brand of amantadine supplied by the pharmacist. We found a strip of the old supply – Teva – and things picked up a bit We have since requested to only be supplied Teva or Morningside as the other brand did not seem to be as effective.

I have to say I was cynical about any difference between the brands until a couple of years ago when a generic equivalent of Sinemet caused chaos. When switched for actual Sinemet, normal service was resumed, so to speak…

Who are morningside