I have just been prescribed amantadine 100mg a.m to help with fatigue and I also have now to take requip at night instead of morning. any experience or tips on this drug please?

neenag xxx
Hi Neenag
When I was first dx they put me on Amantadine and not sure it helped me at all.. So now I take Requip XL which has given me back my mobility. You need to look back and read old posts from the thread Impulsive and compulsive behaviour. It is always best to do a little research on what your taking as we are all guilty of taking medication from the "experts" without questoning them.

Good luck best wishes PB x
Hi Neenag i have been taking amantadine 100 mg twice a day for over 2 years and find it ok. Mind you i don`t know how i would feel without it i just trust my neurologist. I did start off taking Risadgaline but i was so ill i had to stop taking it. The only problem i have is the amantadine causes red blotches on my feet (a small price to pay ). I would recommend taking it with/after food because it is very acidic (i take with milk or water). I also take Requip xl 4mg at night, i have tried taking it at breakfast but found i was very sleepy by lunch time i find at night much better and i sleep really well! I suppose we all react differently to drugs so whats right for one is wrong for others but in my experience i`d give it a try!

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it works for many people. however i found it caused confusion and panic feelings. it has also been linked to a small number of suicides. (it also contributed to the death of wilson's girlfriend in an episode of House but thats not real).
BUT it is good for most people and [u]mustnt be stopped suddenly[/u]. but do tell your doctor if you start to feel very unhappy.
I have been very lucky with drugs (touch wood). I started on amantadine (maximum daily dose) and it did calm my tremor. Then I added mirapex (Pramipexol), .5mg 4 times daily, and all outward signs of PD all but disappeared. I have had none of the terrible side effects that I have read about; but, mind you, I was only diagnosed 1.5 years ago and things can change; I just tell myself they won't!
Thanks all. my third day of meds change and I feel less tired but stiffer in the mornings.Im not sleeping as deeply at night and dont fall into a coma as soon as I sit down at 8pm,then finding myself still on the sofa at 5am.

love neenag xxx

Hi been told amantadine will help my chronic fatigue and seeing my g.p. This week about it. Fatigue has gotten so bad I can barely function. However am worried that is can cause hallucinations. Any response I'd be grateful.

thanks sue

Hi Sue,

I'm sure you'll soon get responses from members with their experiences. However, you can also call our Helpline team on 0808 800 0303 for advice too . Our lines are open from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm,  and Saturday: 10am-2pm. Hope this is useful to you.

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