Hi all I suffer with PD and was diagnosed about 18 months ago, I take 2 x 125 mg madopar 3 times a day and  1 x 0.7 mg of pramipexole 3 times a day and found these helped my stiffness but not my walking, the parkinson's specialist has suggested amantdine 100 mg 1 times a day for one month and then twice a day from then, has anyone found amantadine useful? thanks in advance Martin


Hi mm307

I take 2 amantadine each morning, prescribed to reduce dyskinesia resulting from my medication.

I take 2xsinemet plus 4 times a day plus i + 1/2 slow release sinemet at night. I do find the amantadine helps to reduce the jerky movements , at least some of the time!




I havent tried it Martin but it is a popular drug in NZ.  I think it is used quite a bit to enhance the effect of L Dopa but there may be other reasons as well.


I have PD.I also have myclonic jerks It sounds like it might help.I can cutdown the jerks  with ibuprofin but it only works a few days and is limited.Have to give it a try.


Hello, john947 --

I have been taking Amantadine approximately 12 years now.  It can help counteract tremors and problems of gait.  I have not experienced dyskinesia and therefore cannot comment on its effectiveness there. However, my first PD doctor prescribed Amantadine because trials had shown it to be effective in delaying the progress of the disease.  I don't know whether to credit this drug, but after 18 years of PD, I am still in the first stage and have only very subtle symptoms that most people don't even notice.  I also take Azilect (Rasagiline), which slows PD, plus Mirapex (Pramipexole) and a small dose of Sinemet.

Best of luck!




Thanks so much for your very positve  reply.Ill mention this to my doctor.

Ill let you know how things turn out.