Hi fellow Parkies   After a visit to my consultant yesterday i was prescribed Amantadine as an enhancement to the stalevo i have been taking for some months Does anyone have any feedback on this drug before i start taking it Keen to hear Thanks 

Some people find this drug rather disturbing.  I have now been on it for almost 3 years at maximum daily dose.  I have had no side effects.  I had quite a tremor in my right hand when I first saw my neurologist, and after a day on amantadine, the tremor was suppressed and for the most part has remained so.  I have had some not so great days but over all, I am glad my neuro put me on it right away.  I guess it works differently for different PWP.

i found it caused panic attacks, depression and confusion. but as wpgchap says...


Hi I started taking amantadine about 6 or 7 weeks ago it has helped  to smooth out my walking, the side effects that I have suffered are from a dry mouth and a very minor rash on both legs. I was told to take 1 x 100 mg and then to increase to 1 x 100 mg twice a day if needed. I found that on 1 x 100 mg the effects were starting to wear off by the late afternoon so I tried the 1 x 100 mg two times a day which was better for my walking but I found that the dry mouth was very bad making it very difficult to swallow food so decided to go back to the 1 x 100 mg,  I have found amantadine helpful.

Hi tried this drug,an although improved my mobility ,started to get water retention,tightness in my chest,blurred vision so I was taken off it .

Hi, all --

Like wpgchap, I have no side effects at all from Amantadine.  The difference is that I have taken it not just three, but about 11 or 12 years!  I was told that it may be effective in delaying the disease as well as controlling tremors.  I am uncertain what it is actually achieving, but my PD has barely progressed in the past decade.  (I'm also taking Azilect, Mirapex, and a small dose of Sinemet.)

I too have dry mouth, but there are non prescription remedies or, just as good, any unsweetened candy.  Sweetened candy tends to be a drying agent.   The more expensive remedies can be a liquid spray, toothpaste or a gel.  I use the brand name Biotene in the spray form and toothpaste form.  I find the gel to be a bit gross.  They all help to some extent - not perfect, but quite a bit better than nothing.  And better than going off amantadine if you do not suffer its bad side effects such as Turnip has described.

I was on 400 mg Amantadine a day for quite sometime. I took 200mg in morning and 200mg evening. This has been reduced to 100mg morning and 100mg midday. Parkinsons nurse recommended this because I had been having hallucinations. I also woke occasionally in the middle of a dream to find I was fighting something off and hitting out. Fortunately only thing I managed to strike was bedside lamp. The reduced Amantadine plus 14mg Ropinorole seems to be keeping most things under control.

I suffer. From a very dry mouth.which oI know is due to Amantadine.  But. I.have to take this tablet due to so much involuntary movement.  Can anyone recommend something that may help because I cannot swallow food. Properly without. A drink!