Ambroxol for PD

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This is a link to my vlog about the recent clinical trial of ambroxol for PD.



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I’m sure many of our members will find the information you’ve shared on Ambroxol very helpful; I thought you’d be interested to know that we covered the Ambroxol trial on our blog which you may want to read here:

I’m glad you’ve been speaking to your neurologist, however, I would not advise that you go over your recommended dosage. Please feel free to explore the forum and contribute to any other threads that may be of interest to you.

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I should have asked if any members here have tried Ambroxol for PD? If you have, could you share your experience to date? If you haven’t, is it because it lacks the final phase 3 trial evidence the medical community needs to move it forward or not for PD, or another reason entirely? Many thanks in advance!

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Would taking the syrup have the same effect?

Hi! I am newly diagnosed and a GBA carrier. I started the exact Ambroxol protocol as used in the study March 13th, 2020. DHP, when did you start noticing the effects? My main symptom is my right hand not working well.

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If it is Ambroxol syrup, then I believe yes it would provided you were taking the equivalent in mg’s of the tablets similar to the trial. I actually have some of the syrup should I ever run out of the tablets, which has not happened as yet, and I’m trying to be sure that doesn’t happen ever for anyone who wants or needs it. Good question, thanks for asking, hope my answer and Ambroxol help you like they helped me at this stage of my PD.

Good morning DHP, Can you tell me where you bought your Ambroxol as I am very keen to try it? Many thanks Katie

Thank you for your reply. It would seem that you are the right person indeed! Please can you send me a link so I can order and any information on dosage regimes would be helpful? Look forward to hearing from you soon Katie

Many thanks. Am starting today and will continue for as long as I can afford. Katie

Jgo, I couldn’t agree more, considering now what I can do about it if that wave hits Ambroxol.

I suppose it is selfish of me to think that this is bad news DHP?

new publication:

“Ambroxol has a proven antiviral effect and a unique stimulatory action on the secretion of surfactant by alveolar type II cells, the main target of SARS-CoV-2. Surfactant may form a fundamental defence mechanism against the virus.”

It would seem that ambroxol is multi-talented, as you’ve said before.
If it can indeed help to protect against COVID-19 that’s a huge added bonus.

yes, that Adhatoda Vasica plant from which Ambroxol was derived certainly suggests it has a number of applications beyond PD. The leaves, roots and flowers of Adhatoda have been used extensively in traditional Indian medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Yet another new finding of repositioned Ambroxol as having anti-SARS-CoV2 promise:

…we show evidence that AQ…and ambroxol are promising repositioning candidates, with independently confirmed in vitro anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity.

What to me is most interesting about their conclusion, is that the scientists are not clear on how Ambroxol does it (so they ‘speculate’), and note that it may have ‘broad applicability’ on other human diseases (which of course we know):

… ambroxol’s beneficial effect is not related to direct antiviral activity Both bromhexine and ambroxol induce autophagy in vitro . Although the different cell systems in which these drugs were tested might influence the experimental results, ambroxol was measured to be at least twice as potent as bromhexine at clinically relevant concentrations. Moreover, ambroxol has been shown to induce autophagy in mice lung cells. Drugs that modulate autophagy could have a broad applicability on several human diseases, including the treatment of viral infections. However, autophagy modulation, as an alternative mechanism of action for COVID-19, has not been elucidated yet. Nevertheless, it should be noted that such modulation is induced by drugs (bromhexine and ambroxol) that have similar pharmacophoric features to chloroquine and HCQ, yet their antiviral mechanism could be different. To clarify the situation, confirmatory CPE experiments for both ambroxol and bromhexine are required, with ambroxol needing higher in vitro test concentrations to fully explore its effects in the Vero E6 assay. Since ambroxol (at 50 μM) is inactive in the titer reduction assay ( vide infra ), we speculate that the use of ambroxol or bromhexine in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients may be beneficial via another (not directly antiviral) mechanism.

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More on Ambroxol & COVID on LinkedIn below recently suggesting all should have some on hand. As for me, I continue to take mostly what the researchers call a low dose (600mg a day) of Ambroxol for my PD. At 10 months I can report my brain fog is still completely at bay, and I continue on a lower dose of Levadopa and Amantadine to control my other symptoms at 4 years since diagnosis (been off Requip for about 4 months, side effects ultimately were very bad for me). My neurologist thinks I am holding pretty steady - I’ll take that slowing any day.

“Bromhexine (which the body metabolizes to ambroxol) has been shown highly effective against COVID”.

Hi DHP, hope you are well, how are you getting on with Ambroxol for your PD?


thanks for asking Dave! Its been almost a year since I started taking Ambroxol, and my mental clarity remains excellent with no creep back of PD brain fog, which is huge for me (particularly given the longer term PD dementia risk). Most of that time I have been on 600mg a day (a low dose in the current trial underway), but I have tried 900mg for some periods, and still want to try 1,200mg (high dose) when I have the supply for it (trial results later next year should tell us something about the optimal dose requirement). As far as mobility issues, they have not worsened over that period (which my neurologist confirms), which suggests to me it does slow PD progression. I have experienced some motor improvements, like in my typing, facial gestures and much reduced freeze events, but I still am hoping for more significant improvements as time goes on. Just as it took years for me to develop PD, I have to believe it will take time for Ambroxol PD reversal benefits to be fully experienced. In fact recently I have begun to wonder if its long term use isn’t starting to payoff for me. We’ll see. What I can say is that it has enabled me to stay on a very low dose of Levedopa daily (1/2 of the low dose I have been prescribed). with no Ropinirole (Requip) needed for motor improvement and freeze reduction. To me that is also huge, as I don’t want to become more dependant on Levadopa, and Ropinirole side effects were very, very bad for me. Quite honestly, I truly believe that were it not for Ambroxol, my life would be going down a much darker road, and instead I have chance to hold on (or more) until something perhaps even better comes along (if it even needs to). One thing I will say is that I started taking Ambroxol fairly early after my PD diagnosis (within a few years), and it may be important when you start just how much it can do for you longer term, but I do think is can really help mental clarity no matter when you start it based on my experience and other anecdotal feedback. Thank again for asking, and hope you are doing well also!


I am not too bad thank you. Thanks for your detailed reply. I am very interested in Ambroxol, at least as an add-on. It is a shame there has been no phase 3 trial yet because until there is it will not be generally prescribed. So yet again patients are left to self experiment.
Where have you been sourcing your Ambroxol from? I notice there are quite a few places when I Google.

glad your’e doing ok. With regard to Ambroxol source, best to just search on it, can’t say more without breaking forum rules.

given my cognitive benefits continue, very positive on the results of the Ambroxol for PD dementia trial ending this year with findings to be published in 2022:

beyond that, it appears there is a similarly focused Norwegian trial in the planning stages as well:

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