Ambroxol for PD


Read your articles on Ambroxol with lots of interest but ask how long have you been taking this ?

My partner Anne was diagnosed late last year but I’m sure she has had PD a lot longer with all the classic signs

Like many people,patients & carers alike are concerned at how quick symptoms change & progress in the wrong direction

She is taking Symprove for the past few months but no positive signs & now about to start on lions mane tincture to maybe help

But Ambroxol looks really promising & in Phase II clinical trial ( I think I’m correct) but I don’t believe we should wait for the final results , time is ticking on & this disease does not sit idle while we wait

Can you give me your thoughts & advice or comments

Really appreciated


John d

Hi John,
We noticed it was your first post in the forum so we wanted to say hi, and welcome you to this incredible community of PWP, family, and carers. We have a website where you can keep up on multiple research threads, like this page on Ambroxol, which is just the first page of loads of helpful search results, including previous forum threads on the subject. We also have a free and confidential helpline, at 0808 800 0303, staffed with brilliant advisers capable of assisting with everything from forms and applications to mental health resources to Parkinson’s groups in your community. Please don’t hesitate to make use of these tools, and otherwise we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know this amazingly supportive forum community.
Best wishes and warmest of welcomes to you and Anne,
Mod Team

so you take 35x30mg tables a day?? jeez

Aren’t there any other dosage available? like 500mg so you could take 2.