Ambroxol trials

Good evening, this is just an enquiry. I’ve been reading about the trials for Ambroxol (a cough medicine) that seems to have shown some promise in slowing down progression of Parkinson’s.
Has anyone put themselves forward for this research? My husband said he would like to take part but I’d be interested to hear if anyone on the forum has any experience of it. Thank you. Jean

I too would be interested in this if it helps

Hi Sewnya, the Amabroxol trial is called ASPro-PD, it is due to start this year.
You could make contact thus …

Contact: ASPro-PD Trial Team,
[email protected]


Contact: Felicia Ikeji,
[email protected]

Good Luck!

Seems my age and time of diagnosis is against me. But thank you for information

Can you say what the criteria is?

Not to worry. I’ve found it and registered. :grinning: