Please can anyone tell me where I can buy Ambroxol at therapeutic dosage as I am very keen to try it? Many thanks Katie x

Hi Welshlady,

There has been a small trial into ambroxol to see if it has potential as a Parkinson’s treatment. The trial results haven’t shown ambroxol can improve symptoms or impact on the progression of Parkinson’s. More research is needed into this promising idea.

At the stage we wouldn’t advise people with Parkinson’s to take ambroxol. You can read more about the study and our advise on our research blog.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly helpline.

Best wishes, Charlotte - moderation team

Hi Charlotte, I totally agree that the recent trial results did not definitively state that Ambroxol slowed the progression of PD, and conculde with “ambroxol therapy has promise for further investigation as a drug to improve outcomes, particularly in patients who have PD with a GBA1 mutation and potentially in those without a GBA1 mutation.”

That said, the results also include this promising finding:

Mean (SD) scores on part 3 of the Movement Disorders Society Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale decreased (ie, improved) by 6.8 (7.1) points (95% CI, –10.4 to –3.1; P = .001). These changes were observed in patients with and without GBA1 mutations

So in my case, although the trial results were not totally definitive in that they advised me to take Ambroxol to improve my PD symptoms, they did not advise me not to take it either given that it might and it was so “well tolerated”.

I do understand the Forum view on Ambroxol that you cannot advise people to take it, I don’t share it based on my own experience with it which is all I can speak to here, but I do understand it. The thing is, for me PD progression is horrifying and unrelenting, and at some point it may be irreversible say some of the reseearchers - if that is the case, I don’t have years to wait to try something so promising that is available now, nor can I wait until the next trial results are published in 2022, or another drug comes out years from now. So I take Ambroxol, and have been for 8 months now with some promising impacts on my symptoms I have reported here.

All I tell other is that they should do there own due diligence on Ambroxol and make their own decision in consultation with their doctor, which to me at least is a pretty fair view.

Just my thoughts

Your thoughts and actions were very relevant to me…My husband is 88, and has had Parkinsons since 2010. I would just like to give him some light at the end of the tunnel, and two
years is too long to wait.

I do not know where I can purchase Ambroxal in the correct dosage, and that the Company is reputable,

When they were looking into Simprove a Probiotic, I put my husband on it, but it was unsuccessful.


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Dear DHP
I’ve just been diagnosed with PD and so have only just read your posting.

Since my diagnosis I’ve been trying to find out more about Ambroxol - I so agree with you that in a situation where no cure exists, the possibility of taking something which may at least slow down the progression of
the disease is worth a go!

As you began taking Ambroxol couple of years ago I wonder if you are able to share your experience of it? I’d be particularly interested to know if you followed the same dosage regime as the second trial, and obviously, whether you felt any benefits.

I would very much appreciate any feedback you could give me.

Kind regards