I’d like to share experiences of taking this drug, particularly from parkies like myself, who have the 'spelling mistake; on the GBA gene. I hope to be part of the trial of ambroxol, but this seems to be delayed indefinitely, and meanwhile I’m not getting any younger!

A few weeks ago, I started taking a low dosage of ambroxol - 30mg - every evening. I bought it from Amazon under the trade name ‘Brontex’. I chose late evening to take it, because I take my last dose of prescribed meds at 7.30 p.m. and I wanted as much space as possible between the prescribed and unprescribed, so that it would be easier to detect any negative side effects,
Since Brontex is sold as a decongestant, it was hardly surprising that it has greatly reduced the amount of cattarh I get when I wake up in the morning.

I have heard on the grape=vine, that a number of parkies similarly frustrated by the delay in the trial, are taking either 30mg or 60mg. If you are one of them, I’d be interested in your experience.


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Hi Jane_L,
have you looked at website The study is called ASPRO-PD.

I’ve looked at it. It doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

Hi Jane_L

it was the exclusion criteria that caught my eye.


There aren’t any exclusion criteria on the list I’m looking at. Can you give your link again please?

Sorry, I got there in the end. Not only is taking ambroxol a no-no, but so is dbs, which rules me out. Nobody has pointed this out to me before and my immediate response is to feel rather let down.