Ambulosono Music

Has anyone in UK had experience of Ambulosono music / walking therapy? It is a technique under trial in Canada involving having an IPOD strapped to your arm or leg. The IPOD motion sensor detects whether your gait (leg swing or arm swing is about right - ie long strides, no shuffling) and plays music. In this way you apparently learn good walking habits my keeping the music going. A short video about it is at



Hi Aviator,

I've no experience of walking therapy but found this really interesting. It was good to hear from the group how this had worked for them. Thanks for sharing the information!


Thanks Aviator! for the heads up on this new form of walking therapy. I certainly would appreciate anything that prevents shuffling and freezing of the feet , one of our hospitals movement disorders disease clinics is using an Altzheimers disease drug named here in the states as Aricept (Donepezil HCL 5 Mg) to prevent freezing and falling.I would be interested if our friends in the UK have used this medicine as an "off label" treatment for PD.

We use dancing as PD therapy at hospital and also march to a certain beat of an electronic metronome to kick in the walking when freezing of movement  begins this too can be downloaded for an Iphone or such device.

Gait & Balance training which consists of a 90 minute session each week of walking to & fro and around a chair on a thick carpet with therapists guiding has been extremely useful as well as falling training which when mastered allows one to fall into a squat to avoid injury.