Among people

if i go any where, like meeting people, or going to
the shops, i feel my PD gets worse, but when im at home
i dont feel to bad even tho its still there,
does anyone else with PD feel the same feel the same?
There is someone in my extended family who has not accepted my parkies yet. She makes me feel awkward, self conscious, clumsy and all the rest. So I am in trouble when she is around, but most of the time I feel able to go anywhere. How long have you had a diagnosis? Is it the physical difficulty of going out that is bothering you? I have moved out of London because I found public transport in London too much to cope with.
since having PD ive found at early stages i went out regular but as my PD progressed, im in my 18th year now, i felt that i didnt want to go out as often, now these days i rarely go out , only for hosital appointments etc....... probably in the 18 years since my diagnosis ive changed alot, lost weight, lost teeth, gone grey big time , look like kenny rogers lol, look older so i guess thats alot to do with it, damn this PD has alot to answer for, find a cure soon please so i can reap the rewards before its too late
hugh aka welshbearuk