An absolute fiasco

I set up this auction in good faith and with a not inconsiderable amount of effort, mostly from my bed. Its sole purpose was to raise the highest possible sum for PUK, and would cost me personally another £10+ for delivery, on top of the £140 + fees I'd already paid for the tickets.

Only for it to be hijacked by much peurile chipping away from an old adversary of mine, recently returned from a long ban. Said person having a long history of bullying and hounding me going back years. Old emails available for anyone to view, just ask.

In my humble opinion the behaviour of this person during and after my auction, despite having been asked beforehand by the moderator not to be antagonistic, was sufficiently disruptive to drive away other potential bidders. This had the planned effect of leaving the field wide open to this individual to acquire a pair of tickets worth over £140 for a rock bottom £25, as the sole bidder. Very much to the financial detriment of PUK.

Further, this person's actions in scaring away bona fide bidders, and creating an atmosphere of frivolity which may have led to others worrying that my auction was not a serious exercise, could - in the opinions of many - constitute price fixing or market manipulation.

Finally, the winner has not forwarded to me, as required, the emailed donation receipt or their full name, home address and contact number. With no runner up I therefore declare this auction null and void, as is my prerogative. This decision is final, and not open for discussion.
I found the out come of Rays auction very depressing all round
Surely this in fighting is not helping any of us especially pduk

What goes around comes around,no sympathy from me this time.

Am I missing something here, I believe the money gained from this auction was to go directly into PUK fund raising pot and nothing was to be gained by ROS, in fact he loses out himself but was wanting to raise funds not for himself but to help others.

What ever happened to forgive and forget? I am sure we all have done stupid things in our past and nobody has a right to cast the first stone without looking into theirs.

I feel it is a dam shame PUK are losing out big style, that serious bids were not made for this great opportunity to buy tickets for a wonderful show at a reduced price and also help the charity that is supposed to mean alot to them.

I am sorry ROS that this auction has not gone the way you had hoped it would. I am also sorry to read both you and Mrs ROS are not well enough to travel to London and see the show yourselves. I wish you both well and hope this business has not upset or stressed you to much.

Radz x
Thanks to the childish behaviour of one self-centred individual I myself am about £10 better off, PUK loses out probably to the tune of around £100-£120, a pair of good tickets end up in the bin and two prime seats for Alfie's last show go empty.

Very clever. Make sure that goes on your CV. Get the recognition you deserve.
You only have to read the auction thread itself to see what a fiasco it was.

I made that bid of £25 openly and in good faith. It still stands as far as I'm concerned and as soon as my wife awakens the money will be donated into the P UK funds, regardless of what ros does with his £130 theatre tickets.

For your information, I myself have no access to family finances. It was a measure set a few years ago to counter my OCD's. It still applies today.

I also sent the moderators a mail yesterday explaining that if my bid was good enough, I would like them to have the 2 tickets as a gift.

I'm sorry that I cannot afford more than £25 (unlike some who obviously can) but I had no idea of any bids made to ros by private message.

Its a shame that others didn't make higher bids but I have no control over peoples purse strings.

So, before 8am, I will donate the £25 into P UK. I will scan any receipt and send it to Ezinda. Its up to ros what he wants to do with the tickets. Again, that is something over which I have no control.

If this is your idea of non-antagonistic I am stunned.
The actions of the only bidder have been so intimidatory as to scare off other potential bidders (I have received messages to this effect), thus holding the bid price artificially low. This is unethical, and inexcusable in a charity auction.

The auction has thus been declared null and void, item closed.

Whatever anyone does with their own money from now onwards is up to them.
The Internet is a great leveller.

Behind the broadband screen we can be anyone we want to be without fear of being caught or getting into trouble. If anyone suspects anything we can change IDs, locations, occupations, anything we like in an instant.

Weak people who have spent their lives at the bottom of the heap getting the sand kicked in their faces can pretend that at last they have some status, some way of dominating and bullying others which in real life of course they will never have the guts or ability to achieve.

Spotty, prepubescent oicks still with many a year's virginity to lamely fight their way through, can be Brad Pitt for the day. Weak, ineffectual nobodies can pretend to be leader of the gang or at the head of the cavalry charge. They wish! There they are as usual, hiding behind the rubbish skip praying they won't get noticed.

What sad people. Desperate to be noticed, and (in their own minds anyway) demonstrating their superb use of the Queen's English and wide general knowledge, they will do anything, go anywhere to be noticed and admired. At whatever cost. Even sinking to such depths as to deprive worthwhile charities of much needed funds.

We forgive them. One day it will dawn on them how imbecilic they have been for so long. One day they will realise where they fit in the pyramid of social status and respect. Cleaning out the subterranean sewers, out of the view of others more worthwhile.

Yes, what a leveller. But only in dreamland.
Perhaps if the auction had been organised by the moderators themselves then the result may have had a much happier outcome.:question:

For myself i find it hard to understand that someone who has stated many times that he's living on the breadline and has little or no money to feed himself can then seemingly afford £140.00 for tickets to a musical plus the travelling costs, and one would assume overnight accomadation as well:question: .....It does make one wonder!

Looking on the positive side, Puk does not need to lose out over this fiasco if those members who were tempted to bid, or those who support the most honourable gentleman himself, can still make their own individual donation direct to Puk or visit the online shop where there is a nice selection of xmas cards etc :grin:
My donation of £25 has been made and the confirmation e-mail has been forwarded to both Ezinda and RoS.

Btw Kyloe....I've already bought 2 x packs of 30 xmas cards.

Although it is of no particular interest to me, and I'm not sure why I am being kept informed about it, I'm sure PUK are grateful to receive all donations, if indeed any have been made.

For my part I have received nothing.