An experiment with madopar

there is anecdotal evidence that different drinks affect the absorption of madopar.
the following was carried out in vitrio (aydinburgh crystal whisky glesses ectuelly)-
halves of madopar tablet was placed in a) water b) milk c) a well-known lemonade.
tablet a was nearly dissolved after 12 minutes
tablet b dissolved a wee bitty slower
tablet c bubbled away ferociously and reached a similar state to a in about 9 minutes or so.
so there you have it, conclusive proof that i would never make a scientist, but quite interesting to watch.
Hello All
I am the unfortunate owner of a very complex PD taking some 14 125mg madopar a day, at least I seem to have gained a slight advantage in that if I take 2 dispersible madopar in between the normal dose PD is kept in check and as long as I remain at full alert status for the signs of shut down ,,tingling in my fingers and toes and calf muscles I get through the day reasonably well, I also take Tolcapone Clomazepam and every three month have implants to counter the other resident evil Prostate Cancer, that is being controlled and is in remission , Heh Ho happy days.
1.4g of levadopa! i believe that is the max amount. do you get side effects? stomach problems?
Hello Turnip
The main problems are quite severe Dyskinesia but I would rather have that than be 100% shut down, Ialso tend to stumble a lot, and last but not least the nightmares, I dont have Dysco all the time it seems worse at meal times for some reason, also after 13 yrs on dopa I am becoming tolerant so it takes more to acheive the same result.
Hello Fedexlike and Turnip,

Has an apo pump been suggested to you fedexlike as this would even out your on/off's, the problem with dyskinsia is it will only reduce with less dopermine, my husband had a pallidotomy which I don't think they do now but perhaps they do another op that will help. By the way when he first had pd the max dose of sinemet was 9 125's per day but my husband is on seventeen 125's plus 3 madopar and 4mg requip, people are amazed but he can still function well and since the brain operation when he was 52 he had had no dyskinsia at all. Just thought the info might help.
best wishes
hi F and V
permanent surgery has tended to be replaced by DBS, for the obvious reasons that it can be adjusted or removed.
Hi Turnip,

I do know about the DBS operation I just am not sure if it can help dyskinsia as in my husband's op they cause a lesion where the relevant part of the brain is affected. do you know if the DBS can stop dyskinsia?
best wishes
hi vivian
yes it can. it is usually placed in much same position as the surgery but changes the signals rather than stopping them.

I only had an Edinburgh Crystal Port Glass, I made sure I was as off as I can be, considering I had DBS, although not set to optimum amplitude (and I am pleased to confirm, it does help with dyskinesia.

Back to the experiment. Six glasses, six bottles of stuff from 10 years ago.

1. Out of date Baileys
2. Port
3. Sherry
4. Merlot (corked)
5. Isle of Jura
6. Cava (Who can afford Champers these days.

Result - Found to induce vomiting. Cant recall rate of disa, deesa, all fisapeeered in s nlinfinh glash of fisapeerancednessnessness. All gone away, nye, bye eneveryonee.
well what does wan expect if wan drinks sengl malt from a.. ana kin herdly bring masel to say this... from a port gless! awuz sayn tae Elsi, a veery reefeend palomine, if yi hevny goat the right gless, its no the same. eets bound tae skunner yer innards, as my deer frend Dr McTaggart ses.
Continuing along the ,,PEZZLED,, theme I feel I should suggest a very good single malt, my preferance being Lagavulin , with ice , there is nothing quite like it for cooling the blood,, as the song says,, HOWever moderation Ladies and Gentlemen is the key here, moderate the intake as too much will ruin the adventure this wondeful creation, for thats what single malts are ,works of art in liquid form,as I was about to say if you embark on the adventure , it begins with the pour,then the aroma then the taste , its the only way I am aware of that you can taste history, a 25 yr old malt will always be 25yr old but the ingredients that come together in the distillery go back millions of years, water drawn from aquifers that have slowly filtered the chrystal clear liquid over Eons each batch drawn from the still will be possessed of its own character, unique, then the clear priceless product is stored in wood kegs, previously used for sherry or rum , the kegs are stored for years before the bottling takes place, as I said its an adventure . :grin: fedexlike
can I recommend a trip to AA?


Ojala -Andy
AA, RAC - they're all rubbish
I prefer Green Flag
With ice and a slice or without?:wink:

I support any research that means I can drink Malt Whisky !

I remeber reading one of your posts recently(but cant find it now) that says..


"Progressive Retardation is very close" and I wondered what this was about?


Andy (Ojalahey)





Hi , hope u well ..


I read 1 of your posts recently that said         

                       "progressive retardation is very close "

What is that about ?


Andy (Ojalahey)


no idea!!!!  what was the context?