An ode to Normality

An ode to normality

Forgive me Normality
For gross neglect of
Your every day

I admit,
I took you so much for granted that
I hardly even noticed you were there.
Until you had gone.
No wonder you moved on,
To those who showed more appreciation and gratitude.

And now in your absence
I miss you.
I miss your ordinariness
I miss not having to think.
I miss only having to think for myself.
I miss waking up in the morning and being able to take my time.
I miss sharing the washing up,
the cleaning, the shopping , the bed making, the child care.
I miss those easy conversations at the end of a long day.
I miss the sharing of sorrows and joys.
I miss the loving, the silliness, the laughing
The being able to be vulnerable,
Not having to be in charge, in control, the adult,
All the time.

An imposter has taken your place,
Posing as you,
Trying to convince me that they are you.
But I cannot accept that.
I know that you have gone and will never return.
But I cannot accept another in your place.

Forgive me.


Really good and oh so True.
Babs x

so true
your poem brought tears to my eyes
hopefully will you let me write it down and keep ?
thanks sue

You are more than welcome. I cannot say that I am glad it struck a chord because it is not something I would wish on you, but there is comfort to be had, for me, to know that my experience is shared by others.It is often a tough and lonely business, whatever outward appearances look like …perhaps the same could be said for being human !.Sometimes it helps to drop the pretence or the mask and just acknowledge how it is.
Warm regards,

Poetry expresses our truth. Cuts through in ways our words and tired daily thoughts cannot.

This is the life of the partner whose loved one is slowly leaving the room, the house and life.

We don’t “go there” because it’s not helpful to our ability to get up each day and play cheerleader.

But you are right to find a way to do so.
It’s healing.
And not just for you.
Thank you.

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