An unexpected bonus

I've been on lower rate mobilty for a couple of years because of a motor neuropathy. Recent worsening , now known  to be due to PD, led me to apply for enhanced rate mobilty. 

I got a letter this morning telling me that I am now on enhanced rate, and that came with a pile of back pay.

The bonus was that the letter said I was awarded standard rate daily living PIP, which I didn't apply for, again with back pay. 

That can only have been the assessor report about how I cope at home. 

I don't really need the money, but an awful lot of doors are opened now, not the least of which is Motability. Im not able to drive, so this will get me an all terrain mobilty scooter to scatter the sheep on the main road through the village. And the red deer in the autumn.

I realise that this must sicken folk who are battling with the DWP, but remember that it's not just PD that got this result. And not everyone can get a pleasant Scottish assessor visiting them.