An Unhappy Experience

I've just returned from my solicitor who was going  to witness a form for me, when he told me due to me having Parkinson's he needed my doctor to write to him saying I was mentally competent.  I found his attitude very strange and I told him that he had offended me and left.  This person obviously didn't know what Parkinson's was/is but I think this is very poor... 


Hi jolliffee - I think there is a stigma which seems to stick with those who are disabled etc., that anyone with something wrong with them cannot think for themselves, even  it is just their bodies that are effected, it is misunderstood that the disability effects there minds also. When I am out with my OH people tend to talk to him and partly ignore me, I am very tempted to say 'Hello, but I'm here too!' it is so annoying. I agree a professional person should treat you with more respect, so good for you to correct him and to advise him on how disrespectful he was being.

Regards Sheila


Hi Jolliffee,

Your solicitor was totally out of order and should be ashamed of himself. I would have done the same as you and walked out. I hope you get an apology, when he's had time to consider his remarks.