Anal fissure (chronic)

Hi guys, I haven’t actually been diagnosed with PD but have been experiencing many symptoms of the disease.

I have been experiencing a very scary symptom, and I don’t know if it’s something that occurs in PD and I am very scared.

I have a diagnosed anal fissure which has now lasted for 10 weeks (no end in sight).

I spoke to the physio at my doctor’s surgery originally who told me I had “movement patterns” with reference to PD and when I was told to self refer to NHS hospital for physio, I did, and after 2 sessions they discharged me claiming I was fine even though I wasn’t. This angered me very much. I feel that I’m not being supported, and I am feeling very lost, lonely, and broken.

The doctor that diagnosed me with anal fissure gave me laxido orange, and glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) ointment cream to help me with my bloody stools.

The medication helps up to a point, but I’m still bleeding almost every time, and it can take up to 10 minutes to wipe all the blood away when I bleed quite a bit.

I was told to eat fibre at the anal fissure appointment which I have been doing more of now. I now eat quite a bit of fruit, but nothing seems to be working or healing me. I am at my wits end and I don’t know what to do. Please someone help me, I’m only 23 :disappointed::cry::sob:

I’m thinking of making another GP appointment but I am angry because they have not offered to help me or give me any kind of appointment to see how I’m getting on, and I feel like I have to force my way through to get seen. It wasn’t flagged up on their systems that I’ve made a repeat prescription for a condition that should heal on its own within “a few weeks” from what I’ve seen on google. Very upset. I didn’t tell the doctor that I’m experiencing symptoms of PD because I was scared, and didn’t think she would believe me. I will say something the next time I go there.

I’m also not allowed to use the GTN cream for more than 8 weeks (from the leaflet’s instructions), and I’m coming up to my 4th week of using it now… I am scared to have to stop it as I really need it to stop my bum pain and itching.

I just feel so lonely and scared and worried I’ll never heal from my anal fissure :disappointed::disappointed::cry:

Yours faithfully,


Hi Brands,

that sounds very unpleasant. You should go back and see your GP, generally they expect you to make contact if things aren’t improving. If you want to discuss your parkinson’s symptoms, as well, you might need two appointments or a longer one if offered. You don’t need to be afraid that the GP won’t believe you. They will listen to you and examine you and then tell you what they think. If necessary they will refer you on to a specialist. Parkinsons is uncommon at your age but it can still happen.

I hope everytrhing settles soon.

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Hi Podd,

Thank you for your support I really appreciate it.

I think I may need a longer appointment, you’re right, I don’t know how to go about it though. I’ll try and cram all of my PD symptoms into my 10 minute slot when I next see the GP and see what she says.

The reason I’m scared she won’t believe me is she told me when she diagnosed me with essential tremor that I would never get Parkinson’s despite my grandmother having had the condition and dying from it.

Kind regards,


Hi Brands,

you’ll need one appointment for the Parkinson’s symptoms and one for the anal fissure probably.

It’s hard to tell essential tremor from early Parkinson’s and in young patients Parkinson’s is much less likely. Parkinson’s does have a genetic component but if your Grandmother was very old when she got it, it’s much less likely to be genetic. Just go in and tell her your symptoms, let her examine you and see where you end up. Write it all down first so you don’t forget anything. You may not even see the same GP as it will just be who’s around on the day you go.

I’d just get on and do it if I were you, the longer you stew the worse the anticipation will be.